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5 min readSep 23, 2021

Despite the fact that it is not hard as other metals, it can not be made sharp, and many other issues become in mankind history GOLD the metal for which people kill an entire kingdoms rise and falls. GOLD keeps this magical power until today despite the fact that its value has been beaten by many others.

Just a few days ago, in connection with the permanent growth of the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS network, I was informed about a planned project that reminds me strongly of another one, which existence I was able to prevent or postpone, the project of CHER, THE ECO-CITY

Getting more and more information I see in the new project damage, not of one, but two countries and all in favor of the shiny metals for which extraction in the open pit will much more precious resource killed — the WATER

and with its countryside and nature, home of HUMANS and ANIMALS and ECOSYSTEM which is nowhere in the world and can not be bought or replicated.

The private CERRO BLANCO project by Canadian company the BLUESTONE RESOURCES INCORPORATED aim the extraction of gold and silver in an open pit project in the middle of tropical forest in GUATEMALA not so far from the border to EL SALVADOR

Project in which is predicted (as visible from the header image) to dig 1 ton of material to get 1,6 g of gold, which means 999.984 g of ground material gets wasted to reach the goal, not counting the volume of water and chemicals used in the process.

Despite the great looking SUSTAINABILITY REPORT presented on the company website, I see many topics which are not being revealed. One of them is the fact, that the company does not speak about the fact that the open pit and construction so as extraction work will directly strongly influence the lake LAGO DE GUIJA shared by both countries, which feeds water to the Lempa River, which crosses across El Salvador. LEMPA RIVER serves as the main water source for the entire EL SALVADOR crossing entire country. LAGO DE GUIJA is the important to the water source for a big part of GUATEMALA as well. It is interesting that this lake simply disappeared from the map used by the project owner to promote the project.

The reason is probably not the fact that the company does not know the geography, but the fact that 8.788.352 kg of gold (eventually extracted) shine so strong that details are not considered. Maybe it will help to understand that to get to this volume of gold 8.778.211.386.368 kg of ground and soil must be moved and processed, transported, washed, stored, and wasted to be left as a gift to people who will not be able to enjoy their own country and countryside living instead of large landfill filled with poisonous substances.

The same lake has been chosen to connect not only both countries but TRIANGLE of neighbors that should and can grow together in strong economies giving people and the nation the potential of sustainable and economic growth supported not only locally but even globaly including the US government led by president Joe Biden.

The fact that you are reading my article is probably connected to the fact that you follow my work or development of INDUSTRY 5.0. The successfully implemented intention of systematic waste prevention made INDUSTRY 5.0 without any external funding or financing to one of the TOP TEN INDUSTRIAL TRENDS OF NEXT DECADE

This is being followed not only by more and more companies and corporations but governments and international bodies that find the tools developed and successfully tested within the INDUSTRY 5.0 realized projects suitable to lead the development towards sustainable future of nations and planet on which all of us live.

The first in human history WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION should become evaluation criteria for all projects, including this one

I am ready, together with the 71 INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS help to PREVENT WASTE HAPPEN and to find solutions and conditions, that eliminates the risk and danger which will remain FOREVER not only on the site but within Latin America, long after the last gram of gold and silver would be extracted and the private company leave.

I hope this message reaches all people and helps to avoid the next project to turn our HOME PLANET INTO a GLOBAL LANDFILL

I believe that @Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada will prove their promises and don´t let Canadian companies deliver destruction behind the border because the is only one planet, one home for all of us.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and if any questions, feel free to ask

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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