Michael Rada
4 min readApr 19, 2022


When the HUNGER GAMES hit the screens many turned to fighters and survivors. A few years later the demand for heroship was covered by the new reality shows in which selected individuals prove their ability to survive in a hostile environment of tropical islands.

In the meantime, millions on the go try to find a new country to live in, being encouraged by ANGELA MERKEL who opened her arms with big media coverage, to leave through the back doors when she realized, that someone may ask why not a single guest become part of her own family.

The immigration wave started as the official invitation was provided.

Not so long after, COVID-19 hit with unprecedented power originating in the same destination where most of the goods came from. Not only the people “on the go” start to feel the meaning of the word HUNGER and THIRST.

Strange was that those who already have more than they can ever consume become wealthier again, having more than anytime before. At these times SUSTAINABILITY and CLIMATE become the next golden goose delivering golden eggs that nobody eats, but all crash to get the golden eggshells.

Not the hunger but gluttony games become reality

MORE and MORE results in MORE

Never enough

The #VLADIMITPUTINWAR in #UKRAINE breaks the next set of rules, putting more oil in the fire which kills much heating few, and serving to bake a new tasty piece of food that will be wasted the same as many before because those who are full eat just with their eyes.

The yeas need just seconds to be fed from the food prepared in hours, the task fulfilled, the “cousin” need to leave the tables to create space for the next one and garbage bin is the only dedicated space and location for the “storage” of waste. Supported by the legislation which takes so much of the life and environment that it kills all not to be killed.

FORREST FOR LIFE signs is ordered and purchased to show how much care is being implemented. Invoice paid, task finished. Time to eat again.

Results become obsolete some time ago



Time to make the OLYMPIC. Not discipline, but GAMES

The truly dangerous are those who despite hunger do not act in line with masses

Sitting on the Thrones the kings and queens don´t see the strings that long time ago become a part of the bodies, delivering words written by someone else waiting for the next shot of happiness from a virtual audience.

The force is with those who can pay the salary, for a long time is the JUSTICE BLIND delivering justice to those who pay more.

So many speaks on EASTER MONDAY about the RISE that represented WAKE-UP, but so few are ready to eat less than they did before.

The startling express conductor put his hands together leaving broken promises behind his back, he draws new shiny plans in the clouds, using other people´s money to follow his own aim TO BECOME THE GOD

Another man playing the role of the TSAR, being far from the WINTER PALACE and AURORA is being prepared to take place of MOSKVA in a war for peace of the nation that misunderstood that promise is not reality.

I came to the office on EASTER MONDAY to prepare for the end of April in which the biggest number of INDUSTRY 5.0 keynotes and webinars would be delivered.

In one month´s time should DAVOS 2022, the MEETING OF ELITES took place, once again without INDUSTRY 5.0

because unpleasant truth can spoil the appetite for MORE

The organizers and puppetmasters just forgot one simple fact, that being hungry for so long, the hungry ones will not suffer if their appetite is spoiled, because where true hunger is being served, no appetite is needed.

Here is my keynote prepared, delivered, and refused by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, take it, watch it and share if you agree

Our power is that the strings of the puppetmaster did not become part of our bodies, this is only them who will not survive if the strings do not deliver what is expected to be delivered


CUT THE FIRST STRING (choose any addiction)

If you feel disoriented and alone, just take my hand and I will help you to narrow your back, raise your head and see THE WASTELESS WORLD, giving you all you need to join me, join is on its construction site.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0