the GIANS are DEAD already

Michael Rada
3 min readMar 9, 2020


The year 2020 started with a small and tiny virus, which at the end becomes more powerful than all GIANTS together. Just days and weeks have been needed to show the Global so National Government's weakness and disability to maintain on the lead.

It reveals the absolutely unprepared wasteful environment of leaders in which leadership is based only on the title on own business card added to own name. Presidents, Prime ministers, Counselors, Advisors, Economists, which have lost the ability to see the real environment a long time ago and concentrate on one and only aim, to remain at power.

Even the simplest decision needs ten approvals. Purchase of pens needs tender and without the press conference and media coverage, no message can spread and be delivered to ordinary citizens.

“ORDINARY” people who bow down to GIANTS in the fear of next decision.

But it is not enough to cheer above the fallen GIANTS BODIES, the true work starts now to clean up and build up from scratch from wasteful the wasteless society and industry.

It is obvious that the GIANTS and LEADERS including the WORLD LEADERS did not fulfill not only promises but function. First infected, raised not concern related countermeasures but panic. The look in state reserves shows up, no usable reserves exist and if so, they left in the time of days. Emergency instead of prevention. Governments block access to protection devices including respirators leaving the healthy population vulnerable to infection.

Billions spent in governmental investment programs seem to end up in virtual castles build on the clouds of the sky kingdom.

WHO, UN, EU, and other GIANT SERVANTS froze in its surprise repeating the words about the thread, forgot to ask how it can happen that in the biggest factory in the world not a single factory was closed due to the presence of infected worker.

Nobody wonders that just a day after applying a ban on BAD NEWS the production starts again.

Nobody wonder, why healthy and not infected people are equipped with surgical masks that do not protect them.

Nobody asks how it can happen that the STATE RESERVES (not the financial ones) do not offer enough protection equipment for more than a few days and a small number of people

There are many questions that would stay open for the fallen GIANTS will not be able to speak anymore.

With the hands, the future is built. Not a ban, but the action creates results that lead towards improvement. So I act. The unnoticed man decided to build the wasteless world and he does.

One virus closes thousands of factories and cleans up the sky above them not in 30 years but just days and shows the change is possible. The virus does not have hands and brain in a way man has but delivered a result which leaders and governments promised to do in Kyoto, Paris, Poznaň, New York, Madrid.

NOT THE BAN and RESTRICTION but SUPPORT OF RESULTS and THE PROCESS OF DELIVERING THE RESULTS is needed. If the toothless leaders can not achieve this, they have to leave, same as old laws and regulations delivered by the death, left for the living.

If we don´t want to live on cemeteries, we have to leave them and change the style we live and work. INDUSTRY 5.0 is the proof and tool at the same time, it can be achieved and not the money but will and endurance stop hundreds of thousands of tons of products and materials to become waste just by doing it.

Do not dance on the bodies of giants, do not bread new giants, use the experience and treasures collected in the on-the-ground-mines and utilize it wisely. Not two giants hands, but billions of the tiny human hands can feed, build and keep the world free of waste and wasting in all its forms, it is the right time, to do so.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0