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4 min readMay 27, 2022

The chapter today was woken up by one of the strong messages of the day, I heard on the morning of May 25, 2022. Here is the original

Listen to his message that comes 14 hours after the situation he describes

It came in the middle of DAVOS 2022

Gunmen with machine guns enter the place where those who can not protect themself yet are being educated and start shooting and killing them for no reason. At the same time, across the ocean, the rich and powerful ones protecting themself with their own armies of security personnel meet, and no one is stopping them, same and even worse happens a thousand kilometers to the east where one-man order and war kills tens of thousands and relocate hundreds of thousands at the same time.

$5,479,452,054 per day spent on weapons. Now 2 trillion per year.

Every weapon and ammunition is being produced with the understanding that it is a tool for killing and ending life.

  • If you ask the producers, they will say that they produce weapons for protection, but are not responsible for killing
  • If you ask politicians, they say that weapons are needed to protect PEACE
  • If you ask peacemakers they say the same
  • If you ask UNITED NATIONS CHIEF SECRETARY ANTONIO GUTERRES the same answer will come and if you ask him why since the establishment of UNITED NATIONS the biggest number of wars and armed conflicts happen in HUMAN history he will keep silent and change the discussion to another topic.

HUMANS have been used as game stones on the playing field designed by the GIANTS. Those who accept this role do not ask, they just play or they are just played according to GIANT´s mood.

Going with the safe stream delivers the safe life of the average man or woman. Rich enough not to be poor, poor enough not to be rich.


you just turn round and start to swim against the stream, stronger with every stroke

No asking for permission, not looking for an excuse, not perfect but permanent move into one direction, following one aim.

not playing the figure in the GAME OF DEATH

but being the board of the LIFE which is not a game, but reality

No need for VR or AR glasses. No need for gloves that let you touch the digital world. No need for data and power sourced from the wall, where wonder happens turning black into green power, visible only on the monthly bill.

if you wake up early enough as I love to in the last nine years you will see wonders that late sleepers never see. Drops of water, morning dew on the top of a grass. Potatoes growing in plastic crate on the roof.

or even the sky, cloudless, above your head

Sky that seconds later will look diferent again

The GAME OF DEATH play people, not NATURE, so why should billions follow the wrong decisions of few wo made their fortune on MAKING MONEY betting the GAME OF DEATH where only one will win, THE DEATH.

The number of children killed in the US by the gun violence is larger than all other causes of death together, including traffic accidents and illnesses and becasue it is MAN-MADE death, there is no reaon why it should not END.

Mr. Kerry in his video speak about 50 decisionmakers that are responsible in the US, for the fact that every one can buy in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a gun easier and sooner than a cigarette, alcohol or pornography. How is it possible that the country that aim to “lead the world” can not lead own legislation?



Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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