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5 min readNov 6, 2021

This image was taken on the first day of COP26. It was not taken in GLASGOW, UK, but in PLZEN, CZ.

I took it at the end of a day when all the introduction speeches has been delivered and the opening ceremonies ended

On the same day, I published my keynote prepared for the event, a keynote that should never reach the audience of the TRANSPARENT GLOBAL EVENT OPEN TO ALL who

say the same without derogation

Walking in line, one by one the WORLD LEADERS deliver one by one PLEDGE and PROMISES after delivering a threatening message of global destruction that reminds me so strongly of one of the famous Czech fairytales produced in 1959 (colored restored version)

In the same year when CARL GUSTAV JUNG delivered the following message in a FACE TO FACE interview for a British broadcaster represented by John Freeman.

Both happened 14 years after the end of the SECOND WORLD WAR.

Both can help to build WASTELESS WORLD in contrary to the 100M Pounds meetup of the rich and influential once.

Looking at the event day, by day it reminds me more and more of another format

with just one difference

Not private, but public money has been spent TO DELIVER NO CHANGE

The organizer was very careful to avoid any disruption in the well-airconditioned halls, balls, and rooms with tables filled with drinks and food from all over the world. He hired not only cars to transport every single world leader, but two cruise ships to accommodate those who within 14 days produced more carbon footprint than the entire city of GLOASSGOW in 10 years.

He just forget one topic

the global connectivity of those who should just follow the instructions given by others without complaining and discussion.

The binary information used by the not binary people

With 31 minutes and 2 seconds too long. With no single joke too serious. Instead of with stories filled with results. KEYNOTE uploaded to my own youtube channel next two thousand other videos from hundreds are dedicated to one and only aim, to share with all the way in which everyone can start to build a better future, to build a WASTELESS WORLD for all.

This is the response received by Mike Hughes, CMC, Chief strategist from the USA

This is definitely worth 30 minutes of everyone’s time. I have spent most of my life fed up with programmed obsolescence and making junk that wears out and can’t be re-used.

I rant about plastic packaging all the time. The stuff we throw away, and waste energy making, is insane. I rant about power supplies for our devices — why not a simple 12V DC standard so we don’t waste electricity on all these transformers? When the coolant system in my fridge leaks, why can’t it just be fixed? Design it so it can be. Instead I’m told I have to throw the whole thing out, why?

I am not a fan of one world government, but there is no reason why the basic philosophy espoused here against waste can’t be implemented on a broad scale by nations.

Pumping water down holes to flood oil where that water will be unavailable again for million/billions of years is a bad idea.

I am sick of being forced to upgrade a PC or phone because the manufacturers write code to make it obsolete or don’t modularize the chassis to upgrade only necessary components that advance. How many computer stores ask you for your old one to recycle when they sell you a new one? If there was a modular, upgradable laptop brand, that is all I would buy.

Every single day for the last years I am preventing waste happens. Never deliver stories first, because it may happen that because of the storytelling I will have no time to deliver the results.

Same as the majority of the people I do not count to the self-nominated WORLD LEADERS whose leadership is based on the amount of money, wealth, function, role, or status. FORBES, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, WORLD BANK, and many others nominate nominees who should decide how the world, which they don't know, should look like so as the life of the 99% of the global population.

Instead of one, I have published in the first week of COP28 6 new chapters in THE WASTELESS WORLD STORY, you read the 7th.

I did so additionally to my work in two factories, loading of next truck with used single sue cable drums, three webinars, and daily 3–5 international discussions with INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS, clients, and business partners on all continents, preparing to take over for 14 days the role of Daughter and Wife which my MOTHER PLAY for my GRANDDAD and her FATHER (98 years young) and my Father 79, because of the surgery of malignant tumor that was discovered recently in her body.

I was told that the WHOLE WORLD IS LISTENING TO ME and I will utilize that

I am HUMAN and can tell you that to BE HUMAN is the best you can achieve and no money in the world will help you, to become one.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0