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5 min readJun 22, 2022

If you wake up in the morning, stay overnight in your office, and instead of blue or black, you see the red sky, and you know 800 km is a war, the first thought that came to your mind is fear. It comes before you remember that the red sky was predicted to come thanks to the sand which arrives from the SAHARA desert.

  • Fear from COVID
  • Fear from WAR
  • Fear from …

FEAR is omnipresent, same as WASTE

One day before I started to write this article have published José de Souza, a member of my network, in his THE MIDAS TOUCH COINMUNITY very interesting article that serves as one of the ground stones of this article.

In our discussion that followed the publication, José asked me if I considered FEAR as one of the wastes that should and can be prevented by the implementation of INDUSTRY 5.0.

The question leads to the discussion that we will have in a few days and which I would like to record and publish here

Before I can do so, we must talk, and before the talk, I have time to think about the topic.

FEAR IS WASTE, it is used by a few (same as waste), to make more money for himself or herself only. Same as waste if prevented, more money will be there for all, not just a few.

Two days before writing this article, I was honored to deliver my 5th keynote to the students and teachers of one of the best private universities in #INDIA, THE LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY. I was asked for the delivery by the members of the CHANAKYA CLUB, which represents one of the leading university clubs.

Here is the recorder session which is much more than the keynote itself

There were more than 200 participants despite the fact that it started at 7 PM IST means after work and school. The response was striking

Each participant received his or her certificate of participation

What is more important is the fact that with many we connect our business networks on LINKEDIN and I am sure none of the participants will look at WASTE the same as he or she did before.

What if the same response would be if the next keynote would aim FEAR, would the members of the audience be able to prevent FEAR to be the first feeling that came to their mind looking at the red sky?

The same day I delivered my keynote in #INDIA came a request to deliver a keynote in #PHILIPPINES, there would be nothing special if the name of the event would not be “Business Diversity and Recovery through Adversity

Today is March 19, 2022, the article would be published on June 22, 2022, one day before the event. It is not a coincidence, it is the result of CORE TASK MANAGEMENT that I do apply to my own work for most of the beginning of my entrepreneur journey. After I developed the method, tested it, and analyze the results.

Time travel become one of the standards of my life and I would like to see the same happening in the lives of all to and with whom we build WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL following this as one and only aim.

Do not worry I have not forgotten today´s CORE TASK, here is it


Nothing more is needed, just walk with me

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and FREE

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. Instead of one keynote in the Philippines I will deliver two one on the 23rd of June dedicated to the IMPACT of INDUSTRY 5.0 on the POWER INDUSTRY, the next day, on June 24th the keynote will speak about the IMPACT of INDUSTRY 5.0 on INDUSTRY 4.0



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