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Back in 2019 the number of faked and false INDUSTRY 5.0 related statements start to grow and realizing that I warn readers and audience of the deviation from original principles set by me four years earlier

Many start to ask the right questions but others use the possibility to use the already established name and parasite on it using is a sales tool or a buzzword to sell their own products and solutions. One of the players was the EUROPEAN COMMISSION which senior representatives despite the direct discussion which we have to push further the false statements and directions despite the fact that the publication of the EC refers to the origin of INDUSTRY 5.0, to INDUSTRY 5.0 DEFINITION submitted by myself on February 3rd, 2017 and mirrored for better accessibility.

Since 2019 it was necessary to increase the frequency of INDUSTRY 5.0 development control from once per week to three times per day.

Analyzing the FAKES for two years I have found one common topic, all try to present INDUSTRY 5.0 as a spin-off of INDUSTRY 4.0. From ROBOTS to more ROBOTS, from technology to MORE TECHNOLOGY and HUMAN serve as cover which you recognize if you study deeper. Usually, an image similar to this one is being used to humanize the face of Fake.

There is a simple way to identify the fake and deflection from the original

Just ask three questions

  1. WHAT IS INDUSTRY 5.0? if the word REVOLUTION appears it is FAKE
  2. WHAT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF INDUSTRY 5.0? if a man and machine cooperation is named first it is FAKE
  3. WHEN INDUSTRY 5.0 WAS LAUNCHED? if “it is in development” or “need to be launched” or any date other than DECEMBER 1, 2015 will sound it is FAKE

Here are three examples delivered during the INDUSTRY 5.0 development control on just one and only day

There is only one reason why deviation and misuse become so frequent. The growing popularity of the TERM. Popularity delivered by articles, publications, keynotes, putting INDUSTRY 5.0 in line with the term RECOVERY, but not a single author of FAKES, in fact, represents such a solution. They may represent one small part, one tool, but the fire in their hand becomes an immediately bad master, not a good helper as all the words say.

The growing number of fakes reveal one more fact

INDUSTRY 4.0 is not perfect as described but delivers many issues, which were clearly visible during the lockdown time and pandemic. The absence of people in factories makes a headache to many and the even bigger one was delivered by the absence of purchase power of the society that drops from one day to another changing the priorities of the buyers.

From one-moment new phone was not as critical as bread, heat, water …

The FAKE MASTERS try to cover the fact, that billions have been invested yearly in the wrong direction by investing hundreds of billions in continuing in this direction.

The same people argue most frequently that INDUSTRY 5.0 can not be patented and they are right. The name is too general. But they don´t realize that without the first article published on December 1st, 2015, and without thousands of others that follow, there would be no term, which in such a short time become so popular that it is worth stealing it.

Without Karel and Josef ČAPEK, there will probably not be a single ROBOT.


The article was so different that it cause stealing the contents of the article just a few months later after being published by the CEO of ONE-HAND ROBOT (COBOT) producer who never had the courage to reply to my comment and continue advertising with my words turning its content upside down from virtual to even more VIRTUAL.

A few months ago prior to this article, I have published another one called MY INDUSTRY, MY RULES

Which was published just 14 days after the launch of the world's first WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION, legislation that needs just one reading to understand that it is applicable in readers' life and work.

I spend eight years putting the legislation on paper, eight years in which thousands of other articles, projects, keynotes, and speeches have been delivered and in which more than one million metric tons of products and materials did not become waste and in which global network of INDUSTRY 5.0 ambassadors have been created without a single Penny from investors, funds, incentives or philanthropists.

Today I have participated in the next workshop for students, a workshop in which entrepreneurs share with the students in Czechia what does entrepreneurship means for them and what was their stories. I am part of this project for 6 years already, starting the same year as INDUSTRY 5.0 was introduced

I was asked what moved me to change a successful business career to uncertainty delivered by an industry that even did not exist at that time.


realizing that something is wrong and nobody in the world cares about it

The WHO published on December 13, 2021, an article in which it informs that 1 DOLLAR IS ENOUGH TO …

I said the same, just 17 months ago (June 14, 2020), when I prepare upon request, the estimation of how much money would be needed to implement INDUSTRY 5.0 principles on a national level. The number of lives improved was 7,7 billion countings globally.

It was prepared for the US president and I do not know if it ever reached him, but because of is applicable to all countries and governments, and people all around the globe I published it in my own blog and in the WASTELESS WORLD STORY under the name INDUSTRY 5.0: THE PRICE

INDUSTRY 5.0 is not driven by personal profit, but by the strong will to build a WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL. NOt a single revolution. including industrial revolutions ever did the same. Money-driven. Power-driven. Profit-driven. Volume-driven. These have been the driving forces of REVOLUTIONS.

EVOLUTION on the contrary reflects and adapts to changes and in it is ahead of time, preparing for the next step a long time before it happens.

If the ROBOTS developers today will not aim for profit, but solely efficiency, they will never use the human body as a role model, because it is one of the most limiting ones in the animal and natural world.

I hope you do understand now how easy is to recognize the FAKE INDUSTRY 5.0, but trust me, it would be hard for you to resist, because it will look so nice and promising, like every route to hell.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0