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What you see is the PERIODIC TABLE from 1968. I found it in one of my industrial upcycling projects. It was hidden in the brownfield which my client start to recover for his production expansion after following my advice and realized project.

I asked him if I can use it for one of my future projects and he agrees

Today, more than one year later, I installed it in my own WorkPlace, the place where I spend more and more time of my day, seven days a week. It will remind me how everything changing.

I am three years younger than this “whiteboard” and I am almost sure during my education I learn already a bigger number of elements, as the science continues to develop and evolve.

Unfortunately face the science same troubles like any other business, even bigger ones, for the majority of scientists and labs and institutions, and places of scientific work are being funded and paid by somebody else. Governments, States, EU, UN, COMPANIES and CORPORATIONS, ARMED FORCES which means the results have to match the expectation of the payer.

  • Funded by TOBACCO INDUSTRY cigarettes seems to be the best invention ever. When the addicts start to die with lungs and throat filled with cancer, new science came with WAPPING which develops addiction even faster, delivering hidden harm to the body system.
  • Funded by the crude oil industry the combustion engine seems to be the best invention ever. It delivered boom for the automotive industry, speed, just the sky was the limit, nobody cares about the fumes
  • Funded by waste industry the recycling seems to be the salvage for the global waste problem, just to discover decades later it did not increase the total volume of waste but multiply it causing almost collateral damage to the environment
  • Funded by industries, banks, and states, CO2 EMISSION trading seems to be the holy grail for clean air to discover 37 years after its introduction in KYOTO that the situation was never in 3 million years worse than today

I started to write this article at the end of 2019, but it remains draft until today, the reason was I feel something is missing and this something was delivered to me by mail just yesterday afternoon. It was following text sent as a response to my comment on one of the published works of the author

“Dear Michael Rada,

Thank you for your email and taking interest in our study related to Industry 5.0.

Thank you for letting us know that you are founder and leader of Industry 5.0. As far as citing your work in concerned, we preferred citations from research papers published in peer reviewed reputed journals. We could not find your work in the form of peer reviewed article. Most of your work is either on your website or on LinkedIn.

If you have any published peer reviewed article regarding Industry 5.0 and its applications, please do share with us, we would like to collaborate with you in future.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Farhan Aslam”

Nothing more, nothing less, the STUDY is published online in scientific journal “MOLECULES” and can be downloaded (which I did).

The three authors of the study, Farham Aslam speaks for, base a study about INDUSTRY 5.0 on the texts published on other scientists journals texts written by other scientists. This means that they base the 25 pages study, containing 83x the word INDUSTRY 5.0 on the text of people who never saw, touched or delivered INDUSTRY 5.0 in real life.

What is even more alarming is the fact that the authors of the “original sources” did the same and did ignore the fact that man, who named INDUSTRY 5.0 principles is not only alive but implement them in the real business environment and report about regularly in “non-scientific” sources accessible to everyone, not just scientists.

Ignoring the existence of google search, Ignoring existence in reality, it seems like the only truth is written in journals that publish articles if you pay for publishing, or somebody else pays it for you.

This can be the reason why CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS base their words on SCIENCE at the same time when CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMIST does exactly the same.

How can this happen is somebody says a long time ago “THERE IS ONLY ONE SCIENCE”

Is it still valid? Is it true? Is there really only one science?

I do worry the answer would be even more confusing


The results are being interpreted in accordance with the payer or customer or employer interests, no matter how we call the one who pays.

Many groundbreaking discoveries are hidden by the owner not to come too early and spoil the profits, researches are being processed for decades, just to secure jobs.


How long would it take until this fact is understood?

It may be far too long if not the results of work, but scientific journals would be considered the right source of knowledge to build the future.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0