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3 min readNov 10, 2020

On December 28th, 2014 I have unpacked my first electric unicycle. I do remember as it was today. AIRWHEEL Q3, double wheel. No videos online, no tutorial, no manual, and still when I stood on it I know it will change my life.

It did

Upside Down

Today On October 17th, 2020 I count over 50.000 km on electric unicycles and my latest KINGSONG KS18L become not only my daily commuting tool but travel companion on most of my business so as private travels.

Thanks to my EUC I met more than 10K people who talked to me and accept my invitation to try how does it feel to ride EUC in a hands of the rider. The local community calls me Father E-MOTIONEER and it is all the time a pleasure to give advice and help new riders.

I decided to name the personal electro-mobility E-MOTION and it becomes truly part of my life. No matter if day or night, sun or rain, summer or winter, the limit is just the rider and I try not to be the limit. Growing older it seems to me I am growing younger with every ride, especially if I do not ride for speed but joy, listening to great music, floating above the ground.

E-MOTION does not mean just the ELECTRO-MOBILITY but truly EMOTIONS. EMOTION was so strong that sometimes the tears in my eyes are not the result of wind or rain but the burst of my soul.

YOu may ask yourself why I share similar on a business blog. The reason is simple. BUSINESS or WORK is part of my life, so as are the emotions. Emotions are the treasure of human. Emotions are the “W” in SWOT to be the “S” “O” and “T” at the same time and despite that, we fear showing up.

Do you shame for yours? Why?

Do you share for being human?

EMOTIONS are not just a human thing, on the contrary, many animals and plants show emotions as well, but only the man thinks it is the weakness of him or her.

Electric Unicycle (EUC) did not deliver to my life the possibility to move efficiently without being limited by the four wheels, but it helps me to rediscover feelings that have been hidden for so long inside of me.

My EUC fleet I am using for training fits under a desk and it is great to see that E-MOTION is changing lives not only to me but many and I hope it will continue as POWER E-NJOY and other projects would be realized.



Michael Rada

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