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4 min readJun 21, 2022

In the 90´when I came back from being AU-PAIR in the UK, I started searching for a job. No internet, No mobile phones, No cars, I was dependent on Public Phone Booth, Newspaper ads, and Train or Bus.

It was interesting how similar many of the face-to-face meetings with the HR department, people who invited me for a personal meeting because they liked what they saw in my CV

Frequently, after the introduction and general information, the set of following questions and answers come (in the Czech language)

  • Do you really speak English?
  • Yes, I do, spend almost a year in the UK. Just returned after one year in the UK.
  • Do you have a certificate that you speak English?
  • No, except for the SCHOOL LEAVING EXAM certificate, I have none.
  • OK, No certificate and proof of speaking English.
  • I can prove, that we can switch to English and continue in the English language
  • No, I do not speak any English!
  • Do you have any University or Academic Degree?
  • No
  • Ok, thank you for coming. We will come back to you.

One by one same story, except for two. One was a fresh HEADHUNTER from IRELAND, who just shortly moved to Prague, second AUSTRIAN LOGISTICS COMPANY with almost 130 years of history and German language and culture.

The second won and I realize I truly love what I never heard about before, LOGISTICS.

These memories are coming back to me more and more frequently during the growth of the BLUE OCEAN called INDUSTRY 5.0

One of the reasons why you do not see it, despite the global size, on international events, conferences, or prizes is the lack of ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE

  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION the FIRST INDUSTRY 5.0 AWARD, not eligible because received no EC funding
  • INNOVATION PRICE of LARGE BANK, not eligible for not having a bank account at the same bank
  • GLOBAL so as LOCAL CSR AWARD, not eligible for not having at least 10 employs
  • SUSTAINABILITY PRICE, not eligible for not being NGO or a NON-PROFIT company

The list of elimination criteria is very long, the same as the list of reasons why not to employ someone. AGE, GENDER, EDUCATION GRADE, PARENTSHIP, RELIGION, SKIN COLOR … The list is so long and of course, none official applies and is the reason for not to employ someone.

The only official reason will be, that WE HAVE FOUND BETTER CANDIDATE

In the next weeks and months, you will see the same opening again and again, but will never try again, not being good enough.

When I have reached my forties, I was given one more label related to my qualification


What a beautiful reason why not to employ someone, isn´t it?

But coming back to the ELIMINATION CRITERIA

I am sure reading more and more about the topic you would realize that one criterion is missing completely.


Nobody is asking for it, it seems like those are not important at all, at least not for those who have the money and present their own intention to SHARE THE MONEY or USE IT FOR GOOD PURPOSE

I just wonder why for the MONEY GIVERS and PHILANTHROPISTS the results already delivered are of no importance. I see that helping those who deliver palpable results, helps them to deliver more of the same great results and scale it making from local a global impact.

If you give money to someone who delivers promises, more promises would be delivered, but no results and a promise is not a result.

Just a few minutes ago I have finished the next LIVE DISCUSSION, this time on the topic of WASTE MANAGEMENT. Live-streamed on YOUTUBE more than 250 people in the audience follow

Recorded in the archive, it will remain online, accessible to all who can use the internet and youtube. Two hours of questions and answers.

Being the oldest in the group, more than twice the age of the hosts, was not visible, on contrary, we feel being home, speaking the same topic, with different perspectives, we unify that waste must be prevented first, before the remains would be processed, the rigt way later.

The Difference between WASTE MANAGEMENT and WASTE PREVENTION clearly marked and vizualized

I love the way how INDUSTRY 5.0 develop, not a single meeting is WASTEFUL, not a single one is waste of time for me or the people I meet, every ingle one finishing with the UNITY OF AIM

INDUSTRY 5.0 does not look for criteria of ELIMINATION, but criteria of UNITY and HARMONY for they create FREEDOM in LIFE



and let me know, please, which one it was

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0