The EARTHSHOT PRIZE one month later

Michael Rada
2 min readJan 20, 2020

Almost one month after announcing the EARTHSHOT PRIZE launch, I decided what changed.

It seems like “the new NOBEL PRICE” and the game-changer of the decade felt in sleep and have no intention to wake up again.

The website remains the same.

Prince William, Kate so as Sir David, seems to have another issue to solve

And google search reduced the number of search results from millions to hundreds of thousands and the declines continue.

It seems to me that the absence of any further action or step does deliver a very different message than the original one announced during the EARTHSHOT PRIZE introduction.

It seems like to process the same as many politicians and world leaders who will gather in DAVOS 2020 to listen to 10–15 minutes speeches of public speakers to discuss the true steps behind the closed doors afterward.

The airports would be once again full of private jets and the roads of expensive and pig cars consuming petrol in volumes which will feed up villages for months.

It looks like I am the only one who remembers what was said almost one month ago.

And much more.

All done to support the idea, which should support others.

It shows the difference between the approach of a man and a celebrity.

It shows the different approaches of INDUSTRY 5.0 I do represent with my hands, heart, and soul.

INDUSTRY 5.0 changes the world

The EARTHSHOT PRIZE talk about it

Think about it



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