Michael Rada
3 min readOct 18, 2021

Yesterday has been announced the world's first winners of the EARTHSHOT PRIZE. The award-winning celebration was led by the same man which announced the price two years ago with the words, that the EARTHSHOT PRIZE just started the DECADE OF CHANGE.

The man was Prince William.

Yesterday he stand on the stage again having once again full media coverage with positive comments only. It seems like nobody care that all that was promised change.

  • The winner does not get million pounds
  • Not one winner selected
  • Not one prize
  • Not decade

Despite these minor discrepancies, the EARTH get its SHOT

  • Winners get 200.000 pounds each
  • Five winners
  • Five prices
  • Eight years (two get wasted already)

I am happy my open letter sent just hours after the announcement inspire the administrators to one of the categories, which is aim was


and the winner is

Already after the announcement of the finalists one month ago, I was sure the city of Milan, a public authority financed from public money, will become the winner and was wondering how it is possible to miss the moment when 7,8 Billion people and the Entire planet shrunk into one city which is able able to process 3x350 kg of FOOD WASTE daily from 23.600.000 tons of crop and food waste on a daily base globally.

Ten days before the ceremony I published my 4th article directly related to the EARTHSHOT PRIZE

and the ceremony deliver proof I was right again

Once again the RICH ONES become richer and dreamers have been served the next sweet dreams to prevent them from waking up into reality.

Once again two more years have been wasted instead of delivering the true change.

The same will happen in 14 days in GLASGOW city where not the citizens, but the honorable guests will shake with money checks and deliver next pledges same as 25 years before increasing the CARBON FOOTPRINT of every single citizen by 1000 times.

Four days after Prince William announced officially THE EARTHSHOT PRIZE challenge I have recorded and delivered a message to him. Here it is and I am proud, that I have no reason to change a single word and I am happy that since the moment of delivery so many people all around the world decided to join me and I am happy the tools developed and introduced are already accessible to more than 5,1 Billion people all around the globe.

We are HUMANS and CHANGE THE WORLD already and the result is visible every single day, not just on one AWARD-WINNING CEREMONY delivered once per year.

I am very sorry, but you have not delivered, what you promised, but believe if someone opens your eyes, you will change your approach and support the real global change, not just the pretended sustainability

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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