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3 min readApr 27, 2022


The “17” GLOBAL RECOVERY project was launched without media support, no paid advertisement, no ads, just shared information

There are many CORE TASKS but all of them have something in common

They deliver palpable results

Cleaning is one of the tasks, but it is not a CORE TASK itself but it is a line of CORE TASKS instead. What is the same is the feeling at the end, the feeling of VICTORY.

YOu can see it in the eyes and faces of the WINNERS, people who through hard work reach the goal they set. You can hear it in the words of people who appreciate the result.

The problem is that not all can spend a day cleaning someone else trash. Not everyone can rent machines to do the cleaning or invest in machinery that processes the waste not to land in a landfill.

That's true

What can be done by everyone is TO PREVENT WASTE HAPPEN

  • It does not cost anything
  • It can be achieved in seconds
  • It can be done everywhere
  • it can be processed by everyone

The feeling after the delivery is the same as described and visible above. Feeling of victory with one difference, it is not needed to wait for the next victory a long time. If applied right, your day will deliver one CORE TASK after another, VICTORY after VICTORY recharging you during the day enjoying it during your sleep.


It is interesting that I need more than forty years to see this together with the fact that multitasking is not the right way for me to work, same as before.

With the age, the ability to proceed simultaneously with multiple tasks is reduced so our ability for long-term concentration, so as the amount of energy consumed for continuous multitasking. The same with the computers being limited by our ability to recharge after the work is done but unfortunately this is something which does not take place except at the night, because in a multitasking culture and environment your work is never finished.

I struggled myself when I was forty and tried to find out how to change the way how I was working and living, but there was not a single answer online, so I decided to create a new system from scratch and this is how the CORE TASK MANAGEMENT has been born and tested and improved to match the needs. The result was surprising.

Instead of one, I was able to realize 3 and even 5 projects at the same time and finish all of them faster and with much higher efficiency and this was great. A few months later I was asked for the first time, how it is possible that I can realize so much work in such a short time frame.

It was interesting to see that it is not just subjective feeling of one person, but observation of many and until today I get the same question, which starts after delivering my speeches, or visitors visit my office in a city center.

I LIVE CORE TASK MANAGEMENT and I think this is the way to utilize its full potential not only in one segment of your life or work but as a whole.

What is your CORE TASK for today?


Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. the header image visualizes the result of one of my realized CORE TASKS. It was to load 160+ working clothing sets to help at the right time in the right place during the reconstruction of UKRAINE. It took 7 minutes time to load and 6 years to collect such a volume.



Michael Rada

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