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5 min readAug 18, 2021

Thanks to the internet it is not hard to find information about the history of CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Wikipedia declares thar:

The idea of circular flow for materials and energy is not new, appearing as early as 1966 in the book by Kenneth E. Boulding, who explains that we should be in a “cyclical” system of production. For its part, the term “circular economy” appeared for the first time in 1988 in “The Economics of Natural Resources”.

It seems like 22 years have been needed from the description of the process to the introduction of the name.

Since 1988 the name exists and academics and scientists start to use it.

Today, 33 years later many including politicians, economists, industrial players, celebrities, influencers use the same to talk about, but almost none apply the principles in their lives and businesses. It looks like that the biggest achievement of CIRCULAR ECONOMY is the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

But I am here today not to blame the circular economy to investigate why the circular economy spins

but I am here to introduce to you, so as to the world new term


This name came to my head during one discussion on Linkedin on August 16, 2021, discussing the topic of food delivery, or better to say of the shopping card delivery service in the Czech Republic, successfully expanding in other countries.

The service claims to be sustainable following the circular economy principles, so as covering selected SDG GOALS, but if you look closer you realize that something is terribly wrong.

  • You may get your shopping list delivered to your door, but the goods traveled from central DC across half of the country
  • You may get it all packed in paper bags, but they are single-use
  • A small delivery van was used for the delivery, but it will go empty back
  • Except for one item you got all, what you can buy in next door small store, just you pay more

I met the founder of the Czech UNICORN, I have listened to his speeches about the future, ecology so as implementing the circular economy and remember very well his first steps and issues he has to face on his journey to be number one in the Czech market expanding abroad.

I see the tool of ECONOMY using the name of ECOLOGY to deliver profit

What I see as well is that with more money and profit generated the LOGIC becomes obsolete.

It is the same with the entire concept of CIRCULAR ECONOMY in which the CIRCULARITY becomes UNNOTICED immediately after speaking it out because the ECONOMY is what matters, but “CIRCULAR” is the true BUZZWORD.

I feel that a new expression is needed. The expression which will wake up many same as INDUSTRY 5.0 with its four types of waste does. SOCIAL WASTE seems to be the one who resonates most because no one before dared to call people a waste despite behaving too much like trash.

CIRCULAR ECOLOGIC have been invented millions of years ago by NATURE and thanks to the endurance of nature and the EVOLUTION it is being applied by nature every single day from the day of introduction.

What may be confusing for many is the fact that nature did not publish on RESEARCH GATE, it has not set up QUALITY SYSTEMS or sells CERTIFICATES, it just is, it exists and applies the CIRCULAR ECOLOGIC in all what it does and represents.

INDUSTRY 5.0 does the same

I have recently discussed the function of INDUSTRY 5.0 with two candidates for the role of national INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS answering all the questions and sharing all my knowledge and experience of the last eight years of implementation of the systematic waste prevention principles of a real business environment of companies and businesses. My partners in discussion claim that


Both experts in the implementation of CERTIFICATION SYSTEM and USP ADVISORY AND MENTORING offering their knowledge to support INDUSTRY 5.0.

I have had hundreds of similar discussions before, where all the time the EXPERTISE of the discussion partner was the missing link to INDUSTRY 5.0 success. WEB SITE, SEO, FUNDING, PR, MARKETING … and many more. Names changing but ones remaining the same, THE STATEMENT that “WITHOUT THE SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY 5.0 CAN NOT GROW

I appreciate every single talk, get rich on information, and share my opinion as well. Every time it is interesting to watch the reaction of the discussion partner when I ask how he or she will explain that without the indicated NECESSARY TOOL was one man able not only to launch and made global the name of INDUSTRY 5.0 but was able to prevent over 1 million metric tons of products to become waste and build up a global network which was able to grow from one to sixty in just seven months time.

The first response is all the time the same. Silence. The same response which I get after delivering some of my keynotes, the WAKE-UP CALLS. And same thunder comes just a few moments later when came “YES YOU ARE RIGHT BUT …”

The change must start all the time in our own minds. Our MINDSET must change from WASTEFUL to WASTELESS to be able to prevent waste to happen and stop wasting and this is the biggest challenge because we have to overcome our habits.

During the writing of this article on Tuesday morning have the SUN visited my space and it reminded me how important is to light up the simple, but invisible.

I would like to share this moment with you because it will never be repeated again and this is why the absence of a system does represent the best system for the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) and why the best USP is the fact that everyone can start to change the world and prevent waste happen from the very next moment after learning that the way and tools are available to all

Have a nice day free of waste and waste in all its forms and stay safe and remember NOT ECONOMY but ECOLOGIC is the true treasure of CIRCULARITY.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0