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On February 11, 2024, I woke up with the term “SBĚRNICE” on my mind and knew, this was important. This is why I sat down and wrote a one-pager in the Czech language which will be published on April 8th, 2024.

The English translation of the term is BUS and in Spanish AUTOBÚS

it is a common word, but many will be surprised that it is not just the transportation device, but the term is frequently used in computing and in projects related to electricity and networks where CONTROL BUS or BUS NETWORK represents special architecture

In the Czech language is the term SBERAC closer to COLLECTOR and it brings me back in time to HUNTER-GATHERERS or FORAGERS

THE BUS serves to collect and forward information

In the very early days, humans collected items to survive, the same as animals. They collect plants to eat, fruits, and water and they learn step by step to utilize them, process and turn simple into complicated and easy into hard, which improved functionality, so the brain was trained every single day and the knowledge handed over to others, to next generations.

Today we gather information, not to survive, but to feed others, to feed machines that have something in common with us and this is not the intelligence, but the need for WATER, which is being consumed by machines in bigger and bigger volumes despite its scarcity

The new APPLE HELLO GOGGLES are information-collecting devices introduced at the end of January 2024.

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and compare it with the reality

Instead of a small or used car, or a few years of living as underprivileged you can buy goggles that will make your life to heaven, if electricity, data, connection, and APPLE monthly plan are available

One of the best recommendations received is hidden in the following video

Every single user is sharing his or her experience and not a single one realizes that in addition to being a USER he or she started to be the TOOL serving machine in collecting information about his or her life, emotions, behavior, movements, environment, and much more. Even the body functions are being scanned to

prepare a DIGITAL TWIN that should keep the original asleep forever

In the moment when a term resonates in my head, I know I need to share it with others and this is why it will be part of the POWER OF TOUCH so as THE WASTELESS WORLD TALKS and if you would like to know what Futurists and Authors Kevin MacKenzie and Bill McClain will say in three days from now, just tune in. We meet every Wednesday to talk about a new topic that is important for the construction of WASTELESS WORLD

Instead of using the bus, we become the bus and we are being used

One of the reviewers said that the APPLE HEADSET tricks our brains and yes, it is exactly what it was built for. It should trick our brain in a way, that we get fastly addicted to have all information and images at our reach, just in the angle of our eyesight.

Some of you may remember that I spoke several times about the EYE-FLAPS used for horses not not flip out when they see something that can disturb them. The APPLE HELLO is exactly this type of product, just a little more advanced and much more expensive, but delivering the same limits. The real wide view and perspective are reduced to narrow sight.

There is just a small difference. In the past humans put the eye flaps on the horses' heads, today they put them on their own, speaking about the future technology.

During the INDUSTRY 5.0 development control, I found an exhibition called 3D EXPERIENCE WORLD in which 2D people will experience the 3D world. It was published by INDUSTRY 5.0 WEEKLY so must be real, especially if they promote among other INDUSTRY 5.0 to be on board.

It reminds me of one video, that I am not able to find on Youtube anymore.

Instead of that I will share with you video about AI creating video, just few days after the SORA feature was officially released

During the preparation of this article, the AI turned from painter to movie maker, being so good that just e few can recognize the short movie was not made by HUAMN, but by technology. Not based on skills but on creativity and curiosity.

If you go back in text you will see that despite speaking about three participants in the WASTELESS WORLD TALKS, this time talked only me and Bill, because Kevin was on the way

When he returned backed, we watched the recording and added one more term

OMNIBUS which in latin means FOR ALL

It seems to me that we can start to use it in relation to INDUSTRY 5.0 and speak about INDUSTRY 5.0 OMNIBUS because it is there for all.

I am sure soon, I will come back and we will meet and I do believe that the next time you see a BUS you will see much more than what you have seen before and I am happy about it

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free and don´t forget to DRIVE YOUR BUS

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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