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It was the man who decided to take over nature and to do so he and she established THE BORDER.

Man is the only one in nature who needs to create more and more borders in the physical, so a virtual world of laws and regulations. Whole industries have been created to make them — JURISDICTION, POLITICS, CERTIFICATIONS, WAR, and even EDUCATIONS and whole industries have been created to take them down, speaking not only of MAFIA, YAKUZA, and other criminal organizations but of WASTE INDUSTRY, WAR INDUSTRY, POLITICIANS, and other industries.

In nature, there are no borders, sometimes someone tries to mark his or her area, but the first next, who comes set his or her mark there to say IT IS NOT YOUR WORD. Protected are being “families and communities” established. If you look at bees, you will see workers and soldiers, so the queen is being followed when scarcity of “food” becomes severe.

Same for many species, that usually do not have a fixed place to live in or on

The only borders nature has are those established by a man, who said, concrete is better than grass, and the air in the house is for the man, not the insects. Only the man let his home fill with poison to get out the bugs, not paying attention that the poison stays in the walls long after the bugs are dead.

The header image I used today was taken of my roof industrial garden. It was quite hard to avoid the borders being seen, but finally, the result is borderless same as the sky, the same as the planet called EARTH.

Have you ever asked why the planet is round, why it is a ball the same as all other ones in the universe? Forget the borders of PHYSICS set by man and reply deep from your heart. Is not the answer connected to the absence of edges that will create natural borders and limits?

During my career, I have faced and challenged many borders, from the border created by IRON CURTAIN, over the borders of many countries before and even after the EU was established, and the borders of currencies, industries, and education. For the last nine years, I spend my time breaking one border after another without leaving the next border, with a different name behind. I do not do it with a weapon in my hand, killing first and destroying I do it by waking up those who sleep for so long that dreams become reality and border freedom.

at the moment of writing, this article 102 GATES TO WASTELESS WORLD has already been established and I hope soon not a single country remains without. With every single one, the next border falls down bringing the unity of humans where the unity of nations fail

Yesterday I was asked by the next university to deliver as the GUEST OF HONOR the final word on their conference dedicated to INDUSTRY 4.0. I will do it. The name of my presentation would be


I do believe the impact to be similar to the one that started the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 in the country, where the university is situated in.

You may ask why the conference is not dedicated to INDUSTRY 5.0 already, the answer is simple. BORDERS.

Yes borders are set by money and profit, which, despite failure, support the way in which so much money was invested already, that no one from official bodies is ready to say IT IS WRONG

The same day, yesterday these two results have been delivered to me during the regular control of INDUSTRY 5.0 development. Why? Because despite the title big part of the article is dedicated to INDUSTRY 5.0.

Look at the name of the articles published the same day, having the same content, but for whatever reason different authors and titles, which are in opposition to each other.

Every single day 3x per day the INDUSTRY 5.0 development control is being processed. WHY? to see, identify and break the next borders by offering to the authors, companies, or organizations the view of the Founder and perspective of nine years of development instead of months of “expertise” which is applied, as I was told by one of the experts and contributors to FORBES, who told me that after being asked by FORBES to deliver article about INDUSTRY 5.0 he spends few minutes on GOOGLE and finding the white papers published by EUROPEAN COMMISSION was enough for him to deliver the article and receive the payment. He acknowledged not even reading the published papers, he just needs the proof that a new border called INDUSTRY 5.0 exists.

I explained he is wrong because INDUSTRY 5.0 does not represent a border but breaks the border, but he was too busy in Maledives to prepare the next article that pay for his stay.

The same day I discovered that a 499 USD publication was published as well

Delivering no information about the principles of origin, but instead, the well-paid lies and misconceptions trying to represent the next border in industrial and manufacturing development.

Following this, I have started at the end of the day a new INDUSTRY 5.0 AWARENESS POLL, and here are the results collected during the first hour

Borders represent the End of Freedom, nothing will change, if we change just the name or title

The CORE TASK of the day


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0