Michael Rada
3 min readOct 15, 2022

Just a few minutes ago I have learned that my GrandDad, the biggest teacher I ever met, passed away just 6 months away from being a century young.

He passes away in a hospital during the visit of his daughter, my mum, who hold his hand till the very last breath.

I was with him one week ago and spoke with him just three days ago.

I know he is right now on the way to his lovely wife whom he lost 11 years and one month ago.

All who know me know what my GrandDad means to me

All who know me understand why I am sitting and writing

It is for him, it is his heritage that is in my own blood and will never disappear because all the wisdom he shared for so long time with thousands and thousands will remain.

The tears drop on my keyboard and I see his smile

I know soon I will express my greeting using my flute

but now. Now I can only write

My GrandDad never lost trust in me

During every visit, we spoke and discussed for hours topics looking at ordinary and extraordinary topics from the perspective of a century and half a century, we laughed together and lost the feeling of a time when we discussed.

My GrandDad was never rich, despite sharing wisdom for almost 60 years as a teacher. He was not a man who follow a strict education plan, but a heart, trying to find the best in everyone in every classroom. His language was the language of efficiency, and he realized that firstly in our discussions.

He never falls down to live in memories. He has them and loves them, but PRESENT TIME was more important than anything else. Never in his life, he broke himself a bone, until last week when he fall down on the ground and broke his hips it was the only fracture in his life that sped up his farewell.

I am so sorry that he will not be able to read BILL McClain's book about WASTELESS WORLD because I knew he will love it and place it in his small library full of treasures in prime editions of KAREL CAPEK books and many more.

I can not speak now

but I can write and I know that the words will resonate with all

I close my eyes and see his face

I stretch my hand and feel his hand

In which longevity and wisdom were written in big bold letters

My GrandDad has a name


for me, he will be GrandDad

In one of my last meetings, he told me that he believes in my work and believes that I would be able to create a WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL, a world in which teachers, will be students and students teachers, a world in which LOVE will mean more than money and possession. World in which everyone would be able to live meaningful life from the first to the very last moment and I will not disappoint him

with this, I stop writing today and I am sure that you will understand why for the first time this year, I will not assign any CORE TASK of the day

Have a nice time free of waste and waste in all its forms, stay safe and free and enjoy the presence of those who love you, not those who pay you

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0