Michael Rada
5 min readApr 10, 2022

Not DAVOS. Not COP 27. Not EXPO.

There is only one destination that is a MUST for all who would like to be seen


Only one man to take selfies with


It reminds me strongly of the story of GRETA THUNBERG, who firstly invisible, becomes the person to meet and greet and listen to, to leave without more to do.

Politicians visit UKRAINE to meet the president of the country struggling from war. Same politicians that met and great the man whose name carry the war

just three months before the war began and first people have been killed

After the visit, all come back, and talk about the need for support, sending weapons, and …

The three dots say more, than all the words, same as with GRETA, the call for action ends up soon with the call for action, without acting

Different place. Different “buzzword”. Same strategy.

The efficiency and impact of never-ending meetings are the same as the impact of the strike that generates just strike.


I just wonder when will begin the political mass-tourism with sightseeing and all that must be in such a trip to popularity.

VOLODYMYR ZEMESKYY show himself to be a great leader. He did not flee his country and homeland. He does not hide first, to send advice later. He took the uniform of a soldier, not a general and he went out to encourage those who protect the land they love. In hours he becomes the ROLE MODEL all the world look at. He becomes what all politicians dream of, but almost never achieve, the true LEADER.

His hair is greyish, his hands dirty with dust, not blood of others

The politicians that are meeting him try to push him to do POLITICS again, not to damage their own name and destroy the faces of honorable Man and Woman that loves to be called by long titles, having “own” drivers, fleets, planes, using the country bank account as their own, showing up for handshake for the history books, leaving events after reading words written by someone else.

I am not sure if anyone remembers, but there is a rumor that shortly after the WORLD WAR II there was set up an organization that should prevent waste happen. Organization so public, that no one knows where the money goes, that is being paid by all the members. Organization so powerful that it watched over more than 650 wars.

Organization led by old men, sitting on a high chair delivering proclamations, resisting any possibility of being exchanged by someone who can deliver the change not just talk about like ARORA AKANKASHA tries, but did not get a single voice

For the SECRETARY GENERAL is just the next of many WARS he witnessed from the position of a politician climbing the ladder up to the top.

Exactly seven years ago I published the first article related to the function of UNITED NATIONS and to the need for changes to be implemented. Since then several more show up.

Time is going. The UNITED NATIONS stay the same. Stone in a river.

New calls and tenders to teach the officers the secrets of storytelling. New buildings, new furniture, new programs wasting more and more money without delivering results, and all that in the name of HUMAN who is the last when it came to profit.

SHOWLIDAY is a new word, which came to my own mind today in the morning with such a resonancy that I have to write it down and turn it into the next article of the WASTELESS WORLD STORY. It combines two words HOLIDAY and SHOWCASING.

This is what happens now once again, and media reports, are being paid for every line.

It is interesting how the same media do not mention that the WAR CAN BE PREVENTED if the same politicians act, instead of talking. They do not speak about the lack of function of the world organization. They do not name the name of the largest in human history crime against the planet and humanity, instead of that they celebrate its creators and players, ignoring the reality.

Am I wrong?

Prove it


Don´t drag VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY down to the comfort of the soft chairs and thrones, to tables all the time covered with enough to drink and eat, not for few but many, from which majority is being wasted because of the fact too much was prepared in advanced.

Let VOLODYMYR do what he proves to do best of all


Dear Volodymyr, with INDUSTRY 5.0 we are already preparing the recovery of UKRAINE, preparing partners, machines, know-how, and technology that can not and will not wake up the death ones, but will wake up soil and deliver results in form of HOMES, CLEAN WATER, AIR, SAFE ROADS, and FOOD. Recovery of YOUR NATION and PROUD PEOPLE OF UKRAINE THAT PROTECTED THEIR LAND DESPITE THE LOSSES AND THE SIZE OF THE ENEMY.

I am not going to SHOWLIDAY, same as the last nine years I was not on holiday, for my work is not done yet, but every single day more and more is being delivered not by promises, but HANDS OF PEOPLE THAT CARE WHICH FUTURE THEY CREATE, Hands of people that build WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL, not just few who can afford it because of their wealth or role.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0