The B(D)OOM of SOCIETY 5.0

Michael Rada
5 min readOct 20, 2019

Three days ago I was invited to speak in one of the European Commission conferences about INDUSTRY 5.0.

After eleven months it is the second conference related to this topic and additionally, it will be connected to the concept of SOCIETY 5.0 introduced by the Japanese Government a few years ago.

Despite the fact that last year (2018) the conference was directly named INDUSTRY 5.0, the new one, which will take place 11 months later is named different.

I was not invited to the first one, probably the father is not needed if you speak about his child, but I am invited to the second one. One of the reasons may be the fact that after I learned the first conference took place, I wrote a short message to the chairman Mrs. Lucie Studničná, CCMI President, and offer her help if anything unclear, explaining my position and the parental rights. The chairman is of Czech origin so she can follow not only the information published in English but the Czech ones as well.

When I got the call from Brussel, I was in a Textile industry conference speaking the same topic and discussing with many participants the different approaches. I get my time and cost paid and all expenses fully covered.

I expect the same from the EU

I started to prepare my speech and look back

Looking at the very beginning I recognized the reason for the delivery of INDUSTRY 5.0 was the INDUSTRY 4.0 system failure. Similar failure which I found included in the SOCIETY 5.0 concept not only introduced but already being implemented in Japan.

It seems like the European Union is going once again, to repeat the same mistake of not proofing the proof.

I am the father of INDUSTRY 5.0. The mother of SOCIETY 5.0 is Mrs. Yuko Harayma, a Japanese scientist, businesswoman and Deputy Director of OECD. She has introduced and registred her child on January 2016.

I am sure Harayama san is a good mother. Unfortunately, she can not spend with her child so much time I can, avoiding the misinterpretation of the original ideas. It seems like many try to do the same, what they are trying to do with INDUSTRY 5.0, change it into SALES TOOL.

But it is not a tool, in fact, I do not see the need to add the cool 5.0 sign behind a society itself. For me society is people. HUMANS. Individuals who stay close together and build the world by building itself.

The issue I mention above does relate to INDUSTRY 4.0 and it is the dependency of technology, electricity, and investments. No matter which forms we speak about, the people are more and more dependent on the technology, instead of helper it becomes ruler and it is so easy to change the mood of many, but switching the plug off, or delivering the right content at the right moment.

Despite the fact Mrs. Harayma speaks about the human-first approach, every single image on the official web sites of the Japanese government shows technology first and this is alarming.

Reading through all the texts on the website, listening to the words of Mrs.Harayma I have found one more difference. SOCIETY 5.0 was developed upon the social order of the Japanese government to support the nation´s economy.

INDUSTRY 5.0 was delivered spontaneously after I did recognize, that the direction, the governments set is wrong. Not only was there no social order, but it also seems to disturb the one agreed already. In fact, it was developed in the very opposite interests presented by governments and interest groups. Not the Economy was the criteria, but Life. A living planet, not the global landfill.

INDUSTRY 5.0 and SOCIETY 5.0 both children.

The first one delivered by a single man from the results of work he realized with his hands. The second one developed upon order using technology to deliver better technology.

Both are different, but I hope as all children in the world, they will play together, to grow together and to build a family which, in harmony, will take care of the planet and every human being and life on the one and single home we have.

P.S. Using the LINKEDIN network I sent to Mrs. Yuko Harayma a networking request and I do wonder if she accepts my proposal to let our children play together.



Michael Rada

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