The alarming behavior of nature during the quarantine period

Michael Rada
3 min readApr 6, 2020

In today’s article, I would like to point out the totally inadequate behavior of nature during the nationwide and global quarantine and ask the crisis management and global leaders to take vigorous steps that will prevent this unprecedented behavior forever and help to improve the situation.

On my travels to and from work, I noticed that none of the animals and birds I met is equipped with a mask that protects you, but not me, and worse, not a respirator that protects me, but not you. Not only the birds and insects are flying in the air, but they often carry out bodily needs in flight and can spread, in the event of their own infection, further distances beyond two meters.

Speaking of safe distance, I noticed that it was not observed either. On my last visit to the forest, I even noticed that ants, as well as some birds, totally ignored the ban on gathering ignoring government orders valid for the whole country.

While sparrows, as well as pigeons without protection, collect and consume food directly from the ground, whether infected or not, government officials show their willpower by withstanding food on a table and during negotiations on the future of the country. Having their masks all the time on.

Unfortunately, ignorance is visible not only in the fauna but also in the flora.
Nature not only wakes up after the winter but lets buds and leaves grow.
Like trees, irrespective of the rules, flowers, and shrubs are awakening.
The consequence is the awakening of insects including bees, respectively. the remainder of the colonies that have survived the benefits of regulated agriculture, maintained in performance by carefully developed chemical products that maximize yields without sharing them by other living organisms that have been successfully eradicated from domestic fields over recent years.

I would like to thank the lumberjacks cutting healthy trees in the middle of the forests, on the banks of rivers and along the roads. I believe they will continue to save healthy trees from possible infection from their sick colleagues.

I believe that the government will manage not only to impose but also to enforce the new ban, which will force nature to respect its regulation for an indefinite time, protecting the population, which is the basis for order and healthy growth of the economy and the country.

I would like to ask politicians to finalize the steps of the state’s entry into private companies and businesses. I do not know a better way to recovery than to enable administration executives that achieved high-ranking office jobs through decades of frequent stamping, in which not only the stamp has to be updated several times a year, to enter and Manage private companies to better future.

The head of state will certainly grant support. Unlike nature, it has been maintaining quarantine from the very beginning of the pandemic crises.

The Presidents, Ministers, Senators and the Deputies are a role model for us ordinary citizens, and I think they could be a role model for nature itself.

I am sure the weakness of nature is linked to the absence of Government and this is why nature behaves as if nothing was happening.



Michael Rada

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