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4 min readMar 10, 2023

Albert Einstein was one of the leading scientists and physicists of the 20th century, and many point out that his role is much more significant.

Listening to the recording of his voice, and reading some stories, it seems to me that Albert Einstein never gave up his humanity. He simply remains HUMAN and the status of celebrity was not the reason for him to feel like the ÜBERMENSCH

Because of that, I use in the title of the article just his first name, the same as I use with almost all HUMANS I work with and they use it when they talk to me

I am thanking him for his formula that becomes the next ON-THE-GROUND-MINE. It was not me who discovered its existence, but one of INDUSTRY 5.0 supporters as described before in another chapter of THE WASTELESS WORLD STORY

E=mc2 is world famous formula according to many

and despite that, just a few can really explain in detail what it describes

But almost everyone knows it

Because of that, we came to the idea of utilizing general knowledge and looking for another meaning and explanation outside of the world of physics and it works.

After months of preparation, I was able to present the new meaning to a very special audience DEANS and DIRECTORS of universities, representing more than 2,500 education institutes. After the great response from the audience I opened my keynote to the public and it becomes immediately the top video on my YOUTUBE channel

The reaction reminds me strongly of the keynote that started on August 21, 2020, the AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0 in INDIA but this time it is even more because it starts to break one of the global silos, the silo of the EDUCATION INDUSTRY

The poll above shows results delivered in less than 24 hours by more than 3000 LINKEDIN members who interact and expressed their opinion. Once again the AI fails to deliver the right result by presenting 1% more than it should be presented.

Just one day later I participated in the VOLTA FOUNDATION battery brunch and I am happy that the words about the existence of INDUSTRY 5.0 resonate with the same strength as the questions asked.

It is interesting that the absence of my own academic education is not considered a disability, but presents clearly the ABILITY to speak to all and be understood.

As described in my keynote, not a monologue, but a dialogue

I am sorry that I can not talk about the new meaning with ALBERT EINSTEIN and ZDENEK LEBR because both left already. The first left 6 years before I was born, and the second 6 months before I write this article. They spend most of their lives at the same time and never met despite the fact that both act in the EDUCATION INDUSTRY.

Only one welcome my presence knowing we will talk and discuss topics, nobody discussed before, building WASTELESS WORLD nobody did before. Zdenek LEBR was my GrandDad and the GREATEST TEACHER I ever met.


Because he broke the silo in every one of his classes, in every one of his lessons, in every school, by every student so as by his children and grandchildren.

He was the proof for the last explanation of E=mc2 mentioned in my presentation


It is no matter of money and investment, it is not a matter of titles or grades of education achieved, the only real value have the WILL TO SHARE THE WISDOM, the will to learn and be learned at the same time and this is the main change that I hope the new meaning of the formula will deliver



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. On the day of publishing this chapter, on March 10, 2023, would ZDENEK LEBR celebrate his 100th Birthday, please celebrate the wisdom of HUMAN with me with the same kind smile on your face



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