Michael Rada
3 min readOct 23, 2020


In the pandemic age, we speak about tomorrow's meaning yesterday and we concentrate on major topics of 2035 and 2050 forgetting the next day. It seems like the final stop is coming and we lose our senses.

We have five of them and speak about six

  • VISUAL — vision
  • AUDITORY — hearing
  • GUSTATORY — taste
  • OLFACTORY — smell

Despite the fact all of them are primitive compared to other creatures, we are proud of them and try to compensate our un-perfection with tools developed to come at least closer to the animals.

COVID-19 did not only helped to put us behind the bars of our own homes, but it seems like he will deliver one more surprise, in the reduction of human senses. Here is what will remain.


In fact, did the nature prepared well and let us the loss of senses call a standard as we get older and older, there will be only one left, at the end


Finally, mass food production will reach it's golden age because only the cover will be important, and the details like the taste will become not important at all.

No matter what will be served, instead of food, we will eat feed.

Instead of smell, we will enjoy digital animation on our plates

By many who lost some of their senses during sone accident, the other senses develop even more, because it helps them to become part of the society, but if the majority lose the senses, sens may become stigma and shame

From one day to another are the people all around the globe ordered to wear the masks. Despite the sudden decline of smog, emissions, despite the clear sky and water, we have been ordered by the “LEADERS OF THE WORLD” to simulate the loss of two of our five senses TASTE and SMELL.

Maybe not to recognize the rooted corps of freedom and democracy on the streets of our cities and on the routes crossing our countries connecting habitats.

People of the world follow the orders of the GIANT LEADERS portraited so well by ANDREW WYETH

Masses listen and follow in the age of fear

just missing we turn the smell of roses into niff of cigarettes

The GIANTS ARE DEAD, but we are alive, why do we let them take our senses one by one away.

Everyone has a choice, do you want to live a senseless life?



Michael Rada

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