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5 min readOct 17, 2022

DAVOS 2022 reports have been written and published to deliver the feeling that the future is in good hands (of the EVIL)

The private jets returned with their content and serve for delivering the heads to the places of the next well-paid speeches.

DAVOS 2022 helped to uncover many pretenders and corpses of GIANTS on which the scavengers celebrate having for long, enough to eat.

Within the entire event, one speech, sticks out, delivered by ALBERT whom all know and call AL. AL GORE. A strong man delivered an unexpected speech that reminds me so strongly of the first speech of GRETA THUNBERG delivered three years earlier, full of emotion and anger.

ALBERT is a well-known figure of the past, talking about GLOBAL WARMING, taking part in the US PRESIDENT ELECTIONS, being VICE-PRESIDENT to BILL CLINTON, and being VP of TESLA MOTORS.

He is one year younger than my Mum and has never struggled financially, being a son of a politician

This year in DAVOS 2022, there was more in his speech. Something that will speak to many, but not the audience in the same hall and event.

I was listening to his speech during loading the next truck of used cable drums to save them from being landfilled and decided to invite him to my office.


Because he keeps asking WHO CARES so many times, I will show him and explain, letting him test HOW WE CARE, not speaking only about me, but all who already know that speaking head without hands will not deliver a better future, just more words

At the time I submit my speech, he was 2 hours away, considering him to take the plane and not the train or any other form of transportation

My offer to meet is not just for Albert, but for all who really care and you can guess how many decision-makers and politicians use the opportunity in five months' time which represents the gap between writing this chapter and publishing it.

Already now I knew that one will not come

The man who unifies the rich ones establishes a platform of economic global growth of elites, that meet to share ideas on how to get more of those who frequently do not have enough to eat and drink, and suffer from the consequences of the decisions taken.

DAVOS 2022 uncovers the reality

COVID was the next game of the GIANTS to show each other how little is needed to shut the mouths, lock the doors and call the FEAR to RULE.

Since January 2020 FORBES published 6 articles related to INDUSTRY 5.0, all of which are part of the header image. Every single article has a different author, every single author was contacted by me with the offer to explain the origin and principles of INDUSTRY 5.0 that has been missing inside the text.

The number of authors who accept my offer same as above, until May 2022 when the last author apologize for not knowing my work, and asked me for a call, to which I agreed.

This chapter would be published exactly 33 years after one month after the VELVET REVOLUTION that without a single shot ends up the AGE OF COMMUNISM in my country and at the same time reveal to me the power of LANGUAGE and WORDS (I started to write on November 20, 1989, and never stopped since then)

Not a single of my texts was ever published in a form of a book, but many read them already.

Weekly updates provided by the platform were published. The first five books are written by hand.

Hands that firstly deliver the results, before the head talks about them. That makes it different from the HANDLESS TALKING HEADS, which just talk. but not work.

Talking is paid better, it was, and it is, paid better than working

  • Delivering results not worth a penny
  • Delivering promises worth billions

The CORE TASK of the day is


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0