It is interesting how pandemic time changed the way we communicate. Until the lockdown, we have been listening to others. During it, we realized something is missing. After it, we start to talk more.

The number of companies that start to offer “communication” boost up, so did the value of companies which offer the tools (ZOOM, SKYPE, OTHER).

There is only one issue

The true content is frequently missing

One hour online webinars in which you get nothing in reward to your time and money spent with a good intention to learn something new.

Every day I do receive invitations to webinars related to sustainability and post-pandemic recovery. Every invitation filled with superlatives and in the end, instead of sustainability, I receive information about product, service, or technology provided by the speaker or speakers. One to Many

A lot of time gets wasted

Time is the most valuable commodity everyone have

And we waste it

We listen but do not speak.

No questions are being asked.


We had slow down. Now we have to TALK.

Thanks to talking we can become part of the story, not just the passive consumers, but creators, the heroes. We can be the content, not the observer.

After the pandemic, the face to face meeting starts again.

They are different.

The visitors do not hurry, they have accepted the timeless space which I work in. The meetings are twice or three times as long as before. 90–270 minutes. Every meeting full of understandable conversations and interesting topics, questions and answers, and deep content. Transparent, open, with no need to hide anything.

Many visitors take colleagues or family members with them.

It does not disturb, on the contrary, it helps. For many, it is the first time the took a family member to a business meeting. For all the first time the host bakes fresh food for them. All having the possibility to create.

The slow down of all the artificial creations of the businessman gave us the possibility to feel not the business urgency, but man (HUMAN) presence inside of us.

Every single visitor has left the WorkPlace with my business card in the hand. Not in the pocket, not in the bag, he or she keeps it in hand and I hope soon I will not be the only one on the planet with a title most prestigious of all mentioned there and do believe it will help, to recognize once again WHO WE ARE.

On June 29th, 2020 the first US podcast was published

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0