Strike for Strike generates just Strike

In the Czech Republic, so as in the whole world increase the number of strikes. Some are violent, the other silent, but one is common to all of them.

It is the gathering of people who call for change

DIfferent is what should be changed

In my country, the Czech Republic should be taken the power away from fraudulent, criminal politicians, who build up their careers on secret communist police cooperation and financial support from undisclosed sources.

In France, the yellow vests try to recall the politicians and changes in the social system of the country.

In Hong Kong, the people call for independence on Chinese governance implementing slowly but permanently the communist way of delivering justice to all (who are in the communist party)

There is only one global strike at the moment, and this has ignited Greta Thunberg, 16 years old young lady who gets strong support not only from own parents but finally from students and not only them from all around the world.

The is one more similarity between the strikes.

The stikes go on

We can use the words of Freddie Mercury and just modify it slightly.


This seems to me to be the weakest point of the strikes. Not the idea, Not the mindset, but the fact there is not a next step considered.

The right direction can simply and fast turn into the dead road without anyone in the crowd noticing there is something wrong until they hit the wall.

The Yellow Vests strikes in Paris shows clearly the result.

People turn away from the originally good idea and do not support it anymore, because instead of change the very opposite happens. The structure which should go away becomes stronger and the only reminder is the damage on private property and the bitter taste of defeat.

Last month I posted an open letter not only to organizers of Czech strikes (MILION CHVILEK PRO DEMOKRACII), but I send one open letter to Greta Thunberg as well.

I did not write the letters because I am bored, nor did I because I am against the changes or even I think the strikes are not needed. The opposite is the fact.

I think the strikes are or has been a very important part of the change, but they should be used to ignite the change, not to be the change.

If so many people and we can say we speak here about millions, decides the change is necessary, they have to start changing. If students woke up the businesses and politicians, they should be the first to things differently from now on, not because it means a free day in the school, but because it is needed.

I started to change the world long before Greta noticed there is something wrong. I build up a company to build up wasteless world and I knew that it will be possible only if I will live and deliver the tools which will make the next step possible.

Step by Step, Factory by Factory, Business by Business I turn them from wasteful to wasteless and the result


Who doubts on how much waste can one man work prevents, in six years we speak about more than 1.345.000 MT of materials and products which did not become waste thanks to INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING and INDUSTRY 5.0.

The strike is not the aim, just tool to ignite the change

Let us do the next step

The same applies to Carola Racket, the captain who delivered refugees to Europe despite the ban. Her work should not end up by delivering the refugees, but she should help to find and deliver a new place to live to people who left their own families and even better, she should participate in the recovery of the original ties back in the land which was left behind.

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0