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4 min readFeb 26, 2021


A few days ago I have informed you about the planned online meetup with the senior commissioners of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION. The objective of the meeting: INDUSTRY 5.0 and its application in the EU through EC sustainable development framework

Both members are highly professional managers and politicians PETER DRÖLL and JOSE COTTA. We spend 59 minutes in the discussion which ended with the pre-agreement about the mutual cooperation possibility, but with a question mark about the form of cooperation.

Both spoke and mention the supporting HORIZON 2020 program which more than 80B EUR FUNDING was allocated in the following programs EUR allocated for change represents CZK (Czech Crown) this is the currency used in Czechia, the country where I live, work, and where INDUSTRY 5.0 was born. In the country where the minimum wage (unofficial) is below 10.000,-CZK(month). You can calculate how long the 10M people would be able to live from the same amount.

During the years related to the development of INDUSTRY 5.0, I have the opportunity to meet several times with the HORIZON program. I have listened to people who receive it, utilize the funds, but fail to deliver the result. I have spoken to people who take care of the related paperwork and live well traveling the conferences and events not forgetting to take the image with the flag and logo, so they can charge and put it in the invoice. The only one I did not meet was anyone who delivered a funded project that really changes the state of matters and delivers the reduction of the negative environmental impact on a global scale.

This is the reason why I was searching and finally proposing different forms of business cooperation. The EUROPEAN COMMISSION use officially support of advisors and one category matching best is the role of SPECIAL ADVISOR, or to be precise non-constitutional paid SPECIAL ADVISORS.

There are few of them on the list for the whole EUROPEAN COMMISSION and I do feel that the only man who grow up in INDUSTRY 5.0, knowing all history, every step, so as all struggles related to implementation not only on a local but on a global scale is the right one to deliver the support for fast implementation of INDUSTRY 5.0 within the structure of the multinational and pan-European organization and structure that represents more than 450 million people and businesses across Europe.

I sent this proposal as a part of meeting follow up the next day after our meetup and in few hours received the reply containing among others following sentence

“I have duly noted your interest in working as an advisor for the European Commission and will not fail to come back to you when an occasion arises.”

I will not sit and wait for an occasion, which I clearly stated in my follow up, but will continue to build up not only the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS network adding new countries and members, covering the planet with people following the same aim, but I will continue in developing, introducing and implementing new tools and technologies and realizing new projects that physically change the world.

To be a paid advisor would be nice, but my title will remain the same “HUMAN”, it will be for me one of the projects in which I will deliver the best results I can be based on the open agreement with the next client. EUROPEAN COMMISSION would be the next of INDUSTRY 5.0 STRATEGIC PARTNERS who will benefit from the results delivered by the first industrial evolution ever lad by man (HUMAN)

I do listen to the recorded meet up again before I share it with all to give the opportunity to listen to the discussion that pre-define the future of EUROPE and does much more at the same time

Have a nice time free of waste and waste in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0