Michael Rada
4 min readJun 7, 2021

For the last 20 years of my life, I have the opportunity to watch from my window the image used above. It reminds me of the existence of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES which stay there being invisible for many that just simply get used to it.

I am sure many remember the PGG project aiming the utilization of existing power towers as small power stations using the vibration power generation technology.

Being introduced almost 9 months ago, it seems first to be not interesting for the power industry, until being discussed with first global players after delivering the keynote related to the changes which INDUSTRY 5.0 delivers to the power industry.

One by one started the players ask and one by one more technology and producers joined to start utilizing existing instead of inventing new.

Because the industry players have not adopted fully the INDUSTRY 5.0 principles, they still stay in a position of utilizing the ideas of others, but not creating their own. It is hard for the players to recognize the next ON-THE-GROUND-MINE that can serve in the power industry segment, frequently having it every day in front of their own nose.

DO you see it now?

The chimney of INDUSTRIAL properties and factories nd not only there?

SO much time has been spent on pointing out the smoke, placing filters, investing millions to be less dirty than everyone overlooked one fact.

SMOKE represents the permanent flow of energy from the source given without any utilization to the SKY above our heads “creating” clouds we complain about.

Not only “dirty” air, but heat is being wasted at the same time without a single try to utilize its existence.

Yes, you are right, SPG project aims at the utilization of the SMOKE or better to say of the flow of hot air through the chamber called chimney.

It represents one of the best and reliable power sources, which grow with the production volumes, so as with cold weather and wintertime, so exactly in the time when more power is needed.

DO you remember

Different shapes, sizes, and materials, but the same principle and result.

Delivering happiness to many in Christmas time is being stored for the rest of the year.

The same principle is utilized in the SPG project, just the size is bigger so as the results can bring happiness with electricity to many more than just a few eyes next to one or several candles.

The PGG project helped to get in touch with several producers of special wind turbines and do you know what, some of the technology will work well (after the small modification) in the harsh environment of a chimney.

Modifications are needed of course, but not in function, more in material and setup to keep the advantages of the existing turbines and implementing it in a new environment.

There are many players who offer a suitable solution, but who never considered chimney to be the place where their technology can work. Not because it will work, but because of professional blindness that turns VISIBLE into INVISIBLE for them.

But please do not think that it is all, what INDUSTRY 5.0 is working on, on the contrary, there are many other possibilities how to use a chimney, but let us come to it later.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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