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Same as in many other countries and destinations is Czechia divided into regions, which has special testes. In Pilsen Region BEER and BOHEMIA SEKT. In Karlsbad BECHEROVKA and in Moravia WEIN and SLIVOVICE are the drinks with which the people love to celebrate.

Every drink filled in another glass bottle and except for the biggest beer brands, all remaining liquids of happiness and joy are being filled into the single-use glass bottles.

These are “being collected” through the national chain of GLASS BOTTLES waste containers divided into CLEAR or TRANSPARENT and COLOURED glass.

Majority of the bottles in a good shape, not broken

just empty

the happiness went through the throat of the drinker

This made from expensive product a Waste

It becomes obsolete. Value-less


This said the law.

What does the LOGIC say? How does INDUSTRY 5.0 see?

The empty, unbroken glass bottle is a value so why should I break the bottle into shards to lose the value, turning profit into the cost?

A few years ago I participated in a big international packaging conference on which one of the speeches delivered by the CEO of O–I. Never heard of it? Me neither until this impressive presentation about the sustainability of the glass packaging.

I put my hands together and after the presentation exchanged my business cards with the speaker so as his colleagues from the marketing department in line with the further development of the INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING.

It was six years ago

I never get a reply to my follow-up e-mails and messages

The reason becomes obvious to me just a few months later.

O-I, same as other glass packaging producers was looking for shards and the possibility to use each bottle=product=profit just one and a single time, because if so, they would be able to sell new bottles again and again and again.

The VOLUME BASED ECONOMY rule the decision-making process.


MORE generates MORE

Nothing is MORE important than MORE itself

SINGLE-USE seems to be the gift of god

This is what really matters.

SINGLE-USE for all, that will drive the economy forever and ever

This is why more and more items get cheaper because for single-use you don't care about the quality, do you? It is just single-use, isn't it?

There is just one small issue


Once blue

It seems to be SINGLE-USE as well or is it just a game?

Not for me


The laws and regulations turning products and items into waste as soon as the owner does not need them are wrong. It may serve well to many others and not only for the original purpose, but many others as well

SINGLE-USE is a system mistake. Not the material, but the system has to be changed instead. This is why I created INDUSTRY 5.0 and this is why many forms of business cooperation have been created to match the needs of all from individuals to governments, from entrepreneurs to corporations.

I don’t owe anything to the system, so I have no reason not to change it from the ground up if it constantly shows system errors.

Have a nice day free of single-use, remember that One Single-use can deliver 125 other uses instead

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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