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3 min readJul 12, 2022

Do you see a similar image in your city?


Frequently build at the times when fire represents the main source of energy. Frequently obsolete for decades, left in its place because demolition would be too expensive or too dangerous.

From the window in my flat, I am looking at four industrial chimneys, the biggest one just a hundred meters away.

Watching for more than 2 decades it never emits smoke

The only that changed is the placement of GSM and wireless antennas to deliver mobile phone and data signals to citizens of the city. Every single one in need of power is secured through a long power line going to the ground and sourcing from the grid.


Because there is no power, would probably be the answer, but this answer is wrong.

How it can be wrong when there are no electric wires at 40 or 60 m height?

The absence of wires does not mean the absence of power. In fact, there is frequently more power than on the ground, the only difference is that we do not harvest this power at all.

What I mean


both are there, but not harvested. Instead of placing solar modules on existing constructions, we build new ones to consume more land. Instead of locating them on towers that exist, we locate wind power stations on newly build land consuming a lot of around due to the issues that growing propellers can cause.

The solution delivers not just the PGG project applicable to electric towers so as to the telecommunication towers, but the new ROP project.

ROPs means RING OF POWERS reflecting the round shape of most of the towers. The small letter “s” at the end reflects the fact that not just one, but more powers would or could be collected simultaneously.

The “ROPs” is a light way construction on which SOLAR and WIND power generating devices work in harmony. The basic model is just fixed, but the advanced “ROPs” can move to achieve the highest power yield.

Instead of standard power turbines that we know from offshore installations and wind farms, horizontal wind turbines are being applied to be able to multiply the number of rings on a single chimney and multiply so the volume of power generation without endangering the statics of the construction.

The volume of generated electricity can successfully power not only the telecommunication equipment, and feed the backup batteries, but it can power the offices, lighting of warehouses, and part of the production as well, for example, the water and waste management, and processing.

Supported by multiple producers and partners, the “ROPs” represents one of the first hybrid power installations that will help to overcome the dependency on fossil fuels.

The money collected in CARBON EMISSIONS TRADING must be redirected to real-life projects with no provision left to intermediaries and lobbyists, that frequently consume more than remaining in the system. THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM is a great example.

In fact, the harvesting of energy does not remind us of “agriculture only” but mining and this is why the mining industry needs to change as well.

The new mines are not below our feet but above our heads and all around us, we just have to see them. They are called ON-THE-GROUND-MINES or OTGM and their efficiency is far above expectation. The first estimation shows that one industrial chimney equipped with “ROPs” technology will generate more power than a large solar field (details later).



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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