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Once again the simple man with a simple aim TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL is changing an industry that seems to be unchangeable.


In 2020, after delivering the first keynote to the representatives of the POWER INDUSTRY first players come back to me asking for more

The understanding of the changes outlined in my keynote resonates strongest after the beginning of the WAR in UKRAINE, where ELECTRICITY so as WHEAT become topic number one on the list.

The updated keynote delivered at the 2022 conference related to the power industry delivers proof, that the topics outlined two years before, become reality.

But there are coming new projects and it become a reality that INDUSTRY 5.0 partners and ALLIES (INDUSTRY 5.0 STRATEGIC ALLIANCE members) get a strong advantage against the rest of the market

Just a few hours after publishing the first article about ROPs

Investors and producers, as existing clients came asking for details and for the possibility to implement the RINGS OF POWERS on their own facility, despite the fact that many do not own any industrial chimney.

With this development, we speed up the process and introduced solutions in the application of ROPs in a very different industry, the POWER INDUSTRY, or better to say the RENEWABLE POWER INDUSTRY.

Making deeper investigation we realize that there are more than 447.000 industrial wind turbines installed already all over the globe. All representing a single solution and technology to generate power, BIG BLADES on TALL TOWER.

That's all.

Have you ever seen how the turbine tower is being built?

This one count to smaller ones.

A big body fulfills just one function in carrying a big wind turbine.


Because of being habit. Because of professional blindness. Because of lack of communication between the individual industries and because of concentrating on single-stream profit.

I am sure from the words of this article and links, you already realized why ROPs ROCKs.


Because of being applicable to the tower bodies. to generate additional power not only from the wind but from the sun as well. Together with the producers of the small wind turbines and solar modules, we made a brief calculation to estimate how much power can a small installation (20+20) make on the existing grid. The number reached ower

40 TW of electricity

All without the need to construct new power stations consume next land or the space in the ocean, without the need to extend the power grid to newly established power stations.

Due to the fact that we made the estimation for“small installation” the max capacity will be much bigger, and so will the speed of implementation.

It is time that wind turbines manufacturers step in and cooperate in upgrading the technology, without upgrading the primary technology and I do wonder who of the following TOP TEN players would be the first to become a member of INDUSTRY 5.0 STRATEGIC ALLIANCE and part of the project

  • #Vestas from #Denmark
  • #Siemens Gamesa # Spain
  • #Goldwind # China
  • #GE #U.S.
  • #Envision #China
  • #MingYang #China
  • #Windey #China
  • #Nordex #Germany
  • #Shanghai Electric #China
  • #CSIC #China

There are many other players that can participate in the ROPs project by applying their own knowledge and technology to deliver the best solution. Contrary to CHIMNEYs, the WIND TURBINES have already built-in windy places, so the power production will scale not only due to the bigger size and number of turbines and solar modules applied but due to “permanent” wind flow.

Because of combined power sources and their combination, the proper management of the power collection, storage, and distribution needs to be done properly to eliminate the losses and wasting in the system so as to balance the system the proper way.

For this, the leading provider and inventor of unique technology from Australia will join the global team that connects America, Europe, Asia, and Australia not forgetting Africa. This is INDUSTRY 5.0, this is WASTELESS WORLD IMAGE in which no one would be left behind.



The ROPs project was developed using the 6R METHODOLOGY developed in 2013, helping not only to identify the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES but to define the forms of use and application.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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