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During my internet journeys, I am collecting ideas and inspiration, and this one was delivered to me by ARIEL LUSSO in his post.

Is it right or wrong?

Who decides?

Ariel did great sharing an image that deliver both in one shot.

He broke the silos, and show the way. Living in Brazil he spends most of his time in logistics, same as me, and delivering content, same as me. He does not speak English so well, this is why he expresses himself in images like the one in the header, or the next one that follows

All these images express life in its beauty filled with curiosity. Did you for example know that the oldest food delivery service is 150 years old? Today it follows the same principles and uses the same tools it did 150 years ago and the delivery accuracy is 99,9%.

It is called DABBAWALA and operates in INDIA

No QR codes, No APPS, No mobile phones or terminals, No Google maps, and despite all of that, or because of all of that the system is working seamlessly

unless TOP GEAR tries

The DABBAWALAS never lost their roots in fact they care for them more than for anything else and it is just a question of why they have not transferred the system to other destinations, which in fact I will try to offer and support with INDUSTRY 5.0 network, having a clear image on how the service can help to prevent waste to happen.

There are many who are speaking in images and I am trying to do the same because right made, one image speaks to all. I am still learning

and hope to reach the efficiency I am looking for

Considering all the above, how do you see the header image now?

The “drain” is there to collect the water. Wet dishes have to water on. But … Clean dishes on the wet pavement are not right, are they? Have you ever been to a country in which people even in the cities walk without shoes on? Countries in which people instead of eating at a table, sitting on chairs, eat on the ground, sitting next to their plates? Countries where not Knife and Fork are used, but hands?


It really depends on the point of view so as at the situation

I was born and lived most of my time in the heart of Europe and despite that one day I decided to use chopsticks when I tried, I realized that I love their functionality and if rice is served I use chopsticks, same as if eating small treats or chips, to prevent my fingers getting dirty or greasy. I carry my chopsticks all the time with me and contrary to knife and fork, no issues at the airports and during the security checks.

On November 30, 2022, announced the EUROPEAN COMMISSION's next GREEN DEAL related change. ALL PACKAGING MUST BE RECYCLABLE TILL 2030.

I just wonder if any from thousands and thousands of involved people and parties realized, that already at the day of publishing almost all packaging is recyclable already.

I doubt

The issue is not the RECYCABILITY but RECYCLING (completed process) which is what does not work, because WASTE is PROFIT for those who write the legislation related to WASTE, the WASTE INDUSTRY.

On September 1, 2021, received the EUROPEAN COMMISSION same as the government of the world result of eight years of work, the WASTE PREVENTION LEGISLATION since that day is it the EUROPEAN COMMISSION which try to hide it under the carpet

applicable to all waste categories recognized by INDUSTRY 5.0

Think about it before you decide whats right and whats wrong



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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