Michael Rada
2 min readFeb 12, 2024

There are a lot of elevators all around the globe. Some are young and up to date, some are old and out-of-date but most and the majority of them work on the same principle a weight pulls the cabin up and the engine takes it down.

In very, very old times the engine was represented by HUMAN hands, frequently by the hands of SLAVES, then animal power came and oxen, horses, and even elephants walked in circles to put the platform up or down.

Not only humans but cargo as well have been lifted, especially in the construction industry, where cranes adopted the idea of lifts and elevators.

The latest one should reach orbit and make space travel as convenient as riding up the elevator in a hotel, office, or shopping mall, just probably less crowded.

As children, we are attracted by elevators of all kinds, and we try to push the buttons, being too small to reach them, need an adult to help. Growing older elevators became ordinary means of transportation on vertical axes, but not only that, just recently the first elevator able to move horizontally was built, and work

It is interesting that the Horizontal Elevators with a big delay behind the technology adoption in LOGISTICS and PRODUCTION, where similar work well for a long time already.

The term ELEVATOR was just so strongly attacking my mind that I have decided to make it the theme of the next POWER OF TOUCH and WASTELESS WORLD TALKS and something tells me, that once again it will be an interesting discussion with all who will join me

You can judge yourself because contrary to me, you will read this chapter almost 2 months after it is written which means the recording is available and can be shared

What is great is that the elevator can move you not only from one floor to another, but they can move you through time as well.

I am sure many would like to get in the time elevator and push the button to go down, but that is not possible because no matter when you enter, you do so on the ground floor. the only direction to go is up.

Will you dare to push the button?

Are you as brave as the young boy above?

Think about it next time you step into the next elevator

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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