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During writing my last post I realized that I am writing a diary of the time which still did not arrive yet. It sounds strange, but doing so for several years it becomes standard and a habit for me.

In the Czech blog, I was able to do the same and I was up to one year ahead of the day on which I wrote the article. Interesting was the fact, that the described things simply happen that day or within max 3 days from the date of publishing.

This was when I realized that TIME TRAVEL is possible.

At that time I was not doing the same with my English blog. It was too much. Before the end of 2021, before the start of the “17” GLOBAL RECOVERY CHALLENGE, I have decided in line with the expansion of the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS network to concentrate on ENGLISH, to reach a bigger and permanently growing audience and I did right.

At the same time, changing the frequency and tact time of publishing delivering new articles on Monday and Wednesday every week and summary on Friday. This change has not only influenced the frequency of posts giving me more time for preparation but slightly disturb the accuracy. The interesting part is that I am more accurate than before, more and more frequently I am able to match with my article written months ahead happening within one hour time.

When loading the last truck with used single-use cable drums I realized yesterday that my life seems to be close to the life of a …


Not one of the ordinary turtles living in nature, homes, ZOO, no, a very special one, a turtle that has no name and lives in a book and story written by Michael Ende, the title of the book is “MOMO”

It is a very special turtle that shows on her turtle shell what will happen in a short time.

The difference between us is that I do not have a shell

so instead of showing messages on a shell I show them on the reader´s screen, which for many is more convenient because many screens of different sizes become the shell of the user.

I am not Master HORA, but Michael RADA and I build wasteless world with INDUSTRY 5.0 representing the global new ecosystem connecting all segments and industries into one complex picture.

The reason for writing this article was my last trip on my Electric Unicycle (EUC) on which I have once again after many years recorded the trip on my action cam showing the world in a very special way

It was recorded one day before the Summertime was introduced again to my country. When I watched the recording, many questions came to my head.

What would REVERSE REVERSE look like? What will we see? Will we look into the front or deeper in history or behind our back?

Many people will say, what nonsense, not being ready to try using two mirrors. It is similar to the situation described in my last article where the author of a post claim seven years after the launch of INDUSTRY 5.0 that INDUSTRY 5.0 does not exists

The author is one of the people who visited my profile but decided not to accept my invitation. The reason is simple, he is not ready for his mind to be changed, he does not want to accept that he was “blind” for seven years, not being able to catch on to the development.

I am happy that during the last nine years I meet fewer and less people who prefer to stay “blind”

One of the reasons may be the frequency of my posts and the transparency of published information, which allow everyone to “be informed” continually and not on a spot base on thousands of pages published on one topic at the same time.

The CORE TASK today is reflecting the described process


It is an interesting challenge and despite the fact that it looks easy, it is not at all, because the easy part = short length is the biggest of the limits applied. The reason is that we have learned during our education and work, that long and bigger are better and will be evaluated higher, but valuation does not mean it will be understood better, and this is the issue.

The money is frequently being paid for losing the connection to reality

I hope you do understand and I am looking forward to our cooperation let me end this article with the words of Kelvin HUNT, which he used after accepting my invitation to connect our business networks on March 27, 2022.

“I am truly impressed and will follow your sharing as it resonates well within me embracing a wasteless society. It’s not an easy feat mainly due to economic poverty and inequality. Nevertheless, this is a tremendous start and look forward to being part of your network championing the Industry 5.0 cause. As industry 4.0 evolves, we likely will see human’s being systematically displaced”

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0