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3 min readSep 20, 2023


The second week of August delivered many surprises. One of them was mentioned in the previous two articles using the same image that I use today as the header image.

The biggest ocean polluters are the poorest countries

Of course, who else can be responsible for the destruction of the ecosystem that delivers work and feeds a big portion of society than the members of the society? Luckily we have the BIG, STRONG, DEVELOPED countries helping the poor ones to understand

The developed countries know that PAPER REPORT solves all issues

MORE REPORTS issued, more forms, more offices, more controllers, more administration staff, all this is the solution to save the world from pollution

I am happy that the funding and money collected by citizens help to scale up the number of officers, academicians, analysts, presentations, and charts creators, so as editors, writers, and all the creative staff needed to fill all the papers and write all the reports that must exist in a printed copy to be stored in growing administration buildings and archives, to show next generations how we solved the issues created by others. It seems the industries adopt the policy of politicians and politicians adopt the policy of industries

Finally truly CIRCULAR APPROACH, the one and only CIRCULAR ECONOMY

Everyone must understand that there will never be enough paper to glorify those who are in power and do the best for the planet

CHRISTIANA, PRATIK, KATE, SOPHIA LEONORA, MIKE, BILL, AMANDA, and NIKI are all the HEROES that show others what they should do representing companies that do not need to change anything to boost profit from being the leaders of the world

Same as the poor nations are those who trash the oceans, are the poor citizens of the countries who trash the environment, not the factories, businesses, governments, and banks.

I am sure if the upcoming generations will ask whom to blame, the answer is obvious


It will not be for the first time in history when HUMAN blame PAPER for being responsible for the destruction, just this time will be different, because not books but REPORTS would be burned down because inside is nothing to learn from, just summaries and charts presented in such a way that looks like everthing is solved

I hope this article help you to understand what REPORTS are used for

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, free and trust RESULTS and not REPORTS

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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