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4 min readNov 1, 2021

This discovery came to me one day (July 1st. 2021) just before my next trip to the factory of my local client.

We planed the visit before, so continue in the implementation of the tools of systematic waste prevention which we have started several months ago.

The project is running well except for the delays caused by the ability of the client to adopt the new way of working faster, because of his large overhead and system which eliminate any deviation from standard already before they can be applied to set up the new system.

The situation is very similar to politics, in which a lot of promises and pledges are done knowing, nobody will be asked for responsibility if not fulfilled.

Two hours ago finished the next of my regular INDUSTRY 5.0 POLLS. This one related to the function and functionality of the “world’s largest, most familiar, most representative, and most powerful international organization

This is the way UNITED NATIONS is being described in WIKIPEDIA

I have realized that the sign “MINUS” can deliver big positive change which surprised me so like many others after I presented my finding online together with the gif that I created and use in the header of this article.

I am sure there are many words in which the presence of MINUS will change the meaning radically


I do now want to spend more time on that, others should do it instead. I have to RE-COVER my work.

Many factories, clients, and partners do understand before the start of our cooperation and the implementation of the INDUSTRY 5.0 principles and resources (not counted HR) as something which has to be purchased from outside, not understanding that they are inside as well, just (time to time) in a different form.

It is very interesting to realize, that this was not the case in the past. Great example deliver the footage from Czech AUTOMOTIVE factory recorded back in 1927

All components and materials were sourced inside and process inside. Parts purchased from outside have been rather rare.

You may say “Similar is impossible today” but it is not and many small players and entrepreneurs still try to utilize all they have the best way, without purchasing from outside and not only them.

Doing workshops for representatives of the largest Indian companies I have realized that many of them behave the same, preferring “EXISTING RESOURCES” from those that have to be purchased from outside costing more and more every single month.

it seems to me that the RE-SOURCING should be the new RESOURCING

The utilization of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES is one of the first elements and parts of the INDUSTRY 5.0 environment. OTGM reduces the dependency and addiction on external resources and at the same time, it reduces the economic burden and size of the cost center and financial resources reserved for the procurement of NEW MATERIAL.

There is a time gap of 5 months between the moment of writing this blog and day of publishing. Both is done on the first day of new month, just the name of the month is different.

Few minutes ago I just come back from a factory, where I implement the principles of systematic waste prevention.

Witing the small audit of packaging unites we have found 13% of all company boxes used the wrong way. The release of these boxes will cut the need to buy new ones from external resource and the company will not noly save money, but time and space through re-sourcing.

The reason why these boxes have been “missing” is the profesional blindness and lack of proper packaging management tool.

Within the operations I have discovered ate the same time basement location, which after modification can serve as operational storage and win my client more space needed for his growing operations without the need of purchasing more space externaly.

Once again it is every ones decision if he, she or it it look for RESOURCES only outside or it the RE-SOURCING would be launched and implemented in company policy

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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