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4 min readMar 16, 2022

Despite the fact that the header image was taken in 2020 at a LOGISTICS RIDE conference, I guess that the image from LOGISTICS RIDE 2022 will host similar visitors and faces, what will change for many would be the name on the business card.

Not so strong as in the USA, where the “workforce relocation” gets its own name, here in the Czech Republic, Europe, people change their jobs going for a better offer, not the purpose.

In many destinations of the world, people are leaving jobs after realizing in COVID PANDEMIC TIMES that the job they depend on, is meaningless and it delivers nothing more than money and income, which seems to be so crucial before.

We stay home. Work from the Home Offices. The world keeps turning around. But there is a GAP that was not seen before in the permanent hunt for more. The gap that turned out to be connected to the MEANING of LIFE and WORK.

It is nothing new, as you will see from the 60 minutes interview with CARL GUSTAV JUNG recorded in 1959.

It is not true that there is NO WORKFORCE or the LACK OF PEOPLE, the reality is that there is a LACK OF MEANINGFUL WORK POSITIONS being offered on the market.

  • ELON MUSK looks for assembly workers for his factories
  • JEFF BEZOS looks for goods pickers for his distribution centers
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG looks for consumers who work for META for free

These are just a few of many in the FORTUNE 500 list who speak about the need for change offer the same meaningless jobs with only output and aim being the salary growth

  • UNITED NATIONS ask for change without being ready to change
  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION ask for GREEN DEAL without reducing its wasting
  • WORLD INVESTMENT FORUM calls for change having more money and profit as criteria of success

People have been forced to stop rushing and realize what the MEANING IS changing the view on the ROLE MODEL criteria

No more is WEALTH or CELEBRITY status the only criteria applicable to the ROLE MODEL.

In one of the recent discussions, I was asked how does the implementation of INDUSTRY 5.0 changes the economy of the states and nations, which impact it will have on workforce allocation.

I need a few minutes before I answer that the WORKFORCE WOULD BE RESHIFTED and thanks to that the economy will gain and will grow.

Eyes filled with question marks indicate that explanation is needed

Let me describe the example of AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, CAR MAKER

In the past, so as today the CAR MAKER represents usually BIG FACTORY, which acts as a city in a city, which employs tens of thousands of employees connected to the CAR ASSEMBLY. Everyone working there must commute to work, spend 8 or 12 hours and commute back. Most of the workers are low-paid people in blue collars roles working in boiler suits on dedicated stations to make their part of the work. The white collars and management board members are the minority but collect the highest salaries. The produced cars are sold and serviced by small workshops located all over the country having mostly no direct relation to the car-maker itself, being just the resell and repair stations.

What will happen after INDUSTRY 5.0 principles arrive?

The CAR MAKER FACTORY will change its core business. The car assembly part or share will drop to be a max of 25% of the operation. Instead of assembly, the majority of people will spend their time in the design, creation, improvement, and “retrofit” of existing cars.

The custom-made cars (mostly electric) will be assembled in the small workshops which will become part of the CARMAKER's environment and the people will be shifted closer to their location to reduce the wasted time and increase the value of the work of the HUMAN. Cheap labor become IMPORTANT FORCE with a higher valuation that will reflect in the improvement of the local so as the national economy because not few will have so much money, they are not able to spend and has to waste it, but many will have money to invest in own education, growth, and creation of meaningful roles, jobs, and clean and wasteless environment.

The wealth of all will not come from the robbery of the rich, killing and revolutions, the plundering of banks and virtual accounts but by harmonized redistribution of the valuation for the work done and results delivered.

Instead of few becoming 90% of the profit will all who contributed to the value creation get share equal to their participation. Changing this narrative changes the perspective on the money and value distribution system.

I am happy that INDUSTRY 5.0 helps to recognize and reshift the position of WORK, to be the true FORCE of change. Billions of DOERS deliver the changes which STORYTELLERS promised for decades already but do not deliver.

DOERS add the true value

What is the second CORE TASK of the week?


Please do not forget that doers do not do only to help themself, but to help and support others, so your activities related to this CORE TASK should respect this condition.

I am looking forward to meeting you on Monday again

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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