Michael Rada
4 min readApr 11, 2020


May 9th, 2020 the day RECONNET started its journey.

It started the journey in the same place INDUSTRY 5.0 did.

Both closely connected, they are relatives, siblings. Having the same parents.

I am the father and the mother is the EARTH.

Only a few understood the planet we live on, only a few try to connect with, and very few speak her language in a dialogue understandable to all.

I am not just looking for more words. I do deliver results first and speak about later. For seven years I follow one and only aim to make the Earth wasteless once again, to return its blue marble face, not with chemicals poured into the water, not with green screens showing in movies only what we have to see. No matter how deep into the matter I dive, I do not forget the way and my aim.

RECONNET is the SYSTEMATIC RECOVERY NETWORK which despite the world leaders speeches in Davos, UN, EU, WHO, GREENPEACE and many others does not exist.

The first step of governments was not the help, but isolation

The shipments of protection gear to China was nothing but debt repayment to those who paid for government success, strengthening the power in every single location and segment.

RECONNET open borders of the states, open policy of companies and hearts of people. It recreates the SOCIETY and makes from faceless brand names the products which carry the names of those who produce it, not the names of those who finance the production with the aim to profit more.

RECONNET outline the complexity of the image so many lost from sight, concentrating on detail, losing the ability to see the whole picture having it in front of the eyes.

RECONNET answer the questions nobody asks.

RECONSTRUCTION NETWORK “RECONNET” is delivering the policy and direction in which the post-pandemic evolution should follow. It is very important the world RECOVERY let us forget the mistakes we made and let us repeat them again. One of the mistakes was the creation of global organizations which instead of the declared aim start to follow soon its own well-funded existence instead of the true function.

Do you know that since establishing the UN shortly after the end of the second WORLD WAR, there took place more than 500 war conflicts around the globe?

Do you know that since KYOTO AGREEMENT the global pollution reached in 2019 levels the Earth never faced before?

DO you know that one of the first reactions of EU members on the pandemic was the “separation” of the infected region, tightening the separation as the infected and deceased numbers grow?

These and many other mistakes have been made and all connected with one primary objective. MONEY and PERSONAL PROFIT. It is so easy to live from another man's money, deliver written statements, reports, hire writers, PR, and marketing experts, spend billions on administration instead of true action.

We have not only created the “digital twin” of our nations, but we also created virtual money, value, health, function, borders, happiness. We created a virtual society and we have lost the real, physical one.

From the touch of a man, we receive the touch of the display

RECONNET is here to wake up the man, in the heart of the man, the industry in heart of the industry and let economy be a tool, not the ruler of all.

From virtual to physical starts with a wake-up call followed by steps in the future. RECONNET is here to find the true LEADERS

inside of our own bodies and heads

true leaders of humanity, human beings

I have to say that. I have to deliver the message, I have to create RECONNET for I see it as the only way of recovery. The recovery that would be free of addiction on technology, addiction of money, addiction to political party decisions, free of meaningless lives, free of waste and wasting in all its forms.

RECONNET was born in a time which many religions see as the time of rebirth or the new birth and nature see the same ending up long sleep, waking up every single member of its family.

We are part of nature

Let us wake up

and LIVE




Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0