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For the first time in the entire WASTELESS WORLD STORY and diary of INDUSTRY 5.0, I do write an article celebrating a BRITISH RADIO PLAY based on CZECH NOVEL.

This novel was written and published 102 years ago by KAREL ČAPEK, a writer living and working a century ago.

BBC delivered the screenplay in March 2022. It is made so well that it wakes the tears in my eyes and even now, during this moment I am listening to it feeling the unbelievable power of Mr. ČAPEK's words and thoughts.

Despite the fact that many never heard KAREL ČAPEK´s name, everyone in the world knows the word


The word that will probably not exist without KAREL ČAPEK

Are you surprised?

I am not.

My GrandDad so as my Mum introduced me to the fascinating world of books and KAREL ČAPEK books in the first edition are in my GRANDDADS library. Treasure that can not be expressed in any financial value.

BBC created and streamed R.U.R at the right time. In a time when few try to persuade all that virtualizing and digitalizing HUMAN LIFE and WORK is the best and only solution to survive.


In fact, it is even not the BEST SOLUTION as few try to sell us, because for few it is the most profitable solution which will increase their own value expressed in money.

Today (2022–04–26) ELON MUSK, the richest man on the planet “bought” one of the largest social networks named TWITTER. Despite his fortune, he has not used his own money, but banks offer to provide enough cash to do so.

The deal was done in less than 10 days and started, same as many of ELON MUSK´s actions, with a single TWEET on TWITTER.

6 months ago, the same ELON MUSK use the same social media platform and announced his intention to spend a lot of his money to END WORLD HUNGER and he asked for solutions. I delivered him one just one hour later

His tweet put him once again on top of all MEDIA.

Elon never did, what he had promised, he just simply get away, doing so in silence, without media coverage, delivering daily hundreds of other tweets that color his superhero and world-saver image.

The life of TWEET is short, usually a few seconds or minutes, then it is lost in the ocean of other tweets.

KAREL ČAPEK lives in times when no internet, no digital social media, and no robots existed. He saw what a WAR, FIRST WORLD WAR does to the life of HUMANS and he feels and predicts what the next, even bigger war will do to HUMANITY.

He does not spend seconds writing TWEET making him rich and getting lost

He spends months and years delivering books whose content will remain with the HUMAN as long as the HUMAN exists.

KAREL ČAPEK same as his brother has to write. Without writing, he will be lost. He loves discussions meeting artists, so as president, journalists, actors so as ordinary people gathering knowledge to share it in written form not to steal it from the author, but to give him or her the credit to be heard.

KAREL ČAPEK was not rich, but at the same time, he has not lived in poverty, his house and villa in the countryside still breathe the LOVE he gave to every word he express on the paper.

I am happy that I can write too

The Blank page filled me with joy and expectation

what it will reveal.

The word ROBOT was introduced less than 100 km from the place where the name INDUSTRY 5.0 was born. So close and so far at the same time.

Much faster than a century ago it spread globally, becoming a buzzword for those who do not care about its origin or principles but see its potential as a SALES TOOL for their products and solutions to make more money, same as they use the name ROBOT.

They have not asked for permission, just start to use it not knowing that contrary to the author of the word ROBOT, the Author and Founder is still alive and deliver more content following one and only aim


Word in which artificially generated shortage does not represent the best sales price booster and where WAR is not more profitable than PEACE and SLAVERY more than FREEDOM. The image of the WASTELESS WORLD evokes different images in everyone´s head but three pictures remain the same


I am just a simple man with a simple aim

I do all to fulfill the aim by delivering results to every single one in the world. I can not buy everyone´s lives for money will enslave all the debtors

ELON MUSK just sunk one of the cruise ships



I hope you will join me on the construction site of WASTELESS WORLD and invite all your family members, friends, colleagues, and network members and followers to do the same, because not the fortune of twenty, but a meaningful life off all is the aim of LIFE

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. Four months later. UPDATE OF ELON MUSK´s purchase of TWITTER. Instead of owning the network, Elon steps back from the deal explaining that the social network has too many fake members and that he will not buy. He is in court now facing the “JUSTICE” who for a long time is not blind anymore, reading the tweets that make the richest man in the world even richer, thanks to promises, that never become reality.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0