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Just a few hours ago finished the LOGISTICS RIDE 2022 in OSTRAVA. Two days organized by logisticians for logisticians. The header image shows the organization team that once again delivered excellent results at a conference that every time gets better and better.

Unfortunately, there is one issue that connects all of the events. This issue is the fact that there are not enough questions, or better to say not enough people that are ready to ask questions.

Generally, there is only one person that has questions about each and every keynote or presentation and this is me

Not just at LOGISTICS RIDE, but at all events that I visit, I ask questions. The reason is not to torment the speakers, but to learn what I did not know before.

  • In Japan, they called me MR. QUESTION
  • In India, they wait for my questions
  • Google renames me MICHAEL HINT

Many think I have my questions ready in advance, but that's not true. I prefer the direct response, to the content delivered. Interaction is for me the best solution. If someone wants to send me interview questions in advance I reject them because I do not feel so comfortable.

The code in my brain comes with the topic almost immediately, but I need usually 1/2 or 3/4 of the keynote to define HOW I WILL ASK

Having 5 years of experience in a company and society where 5x WHY was the only way to ask, I enjoy the time when I can think much deeper and play with the question.

On the last LOGISTICS RIDE (2022) I was rewarded for my questions.

I know that “NOT ASKING” is not the issue of the CZECH REPUBLIC, but I feel that the topic is closely connected to the education system, in which teachers do not like to be asked questions. They prefer a system in which instead of a dialogue monologue is delivered one way, from the TEACHER or PROFESSOR to the STUDENT.

300 logisticians, 2 days.

but too few questions

Why it is so? I am sure, there are many questions in the heads, but none is allowed to take the way to the lips.

Questions are the Energy of Knowledge but to act they must sound

This does not happen

The sparks are extinguished before they can deliver the heat and light


clearly indicate where the source of renewable energy is stored and not used It is the same as being thirsty and not drinking from the water around. Same as being in the sun, looking for the light

The issue is that instead of TRANSFORMING and spending time on the setup of the right question, money and time are spend on rebranding the old one

This is one of the explanations why Banks, Institutions, and Governments, same as Investors, do not look for true solutions, but for a way to SPEND or better to say to WASTE MONEY, other people's money, because this makes them more profitable than any time before (they think), but in fact, 9 years after myself the players recognize that there is something wrong

Well described by SIMON CHAN on the last day of April 2022

Many people feel that asking a question to an older, more educated, wealthier, or just rank higher is not appropriate, that they are not in the role to do so. Many schools and education systems are based on a one-directional flow of information, and many others on repeating words said by someone else a long, long time ago. All this extinguishes the spark of energy we carry with us from the moment of our birth.

Not a single living being could be born without having this spark inside, because it is the spark of life.



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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