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3 min readMar 27, 2024

From a very young age, we are being “educated” and told that everything has its price. We can hear




What is usually missing is the specification or explanation of why.

I am sure you have already heard or said


but what is the true price of time, can there be a price if you can not repeat a single second, which, if lost, is lost forever?

In the header image, I use two pictures transferred into GIF, there is a short delay, which makes it hard to watch for a longer time without causing a headache or pain in the eyes. The frog mimics a Brazilian animal whose body is coated with a hallucinogen substance, or drug, used by Aborigines and later on by drug addicts.

The purpose is not the same

Aborigines use it for healing and future prediction

Drug addicts to forget the time

But what is the price of time?

It seems like TIME is a MADE construct that serves to enslave HUMANS, to encapsulate them into cocoons in which we spend our time, wasting a big share of it for the “profit” of others.

There was an author named MICHAEL ENDE whose surname in English means “THE END”

I do recommend watching the movie or reading the book to all, not just children, because the message that is included can change the lives of all. For those who love more to read than watch, I do recommend the book which was first.

The Futurist and Author BILL MCCLAIN, whom I am honored to call MY FRIEND mentioned in our last discussion of the 2023 term “ALL TIME” which sticks into my mind.

“ALL TIME” means everyone has the same access, and everyone can use it, how it depends on him or her, but it means one more thing, if it is available to all, no price can be set. It is priceless at its core.

What makes the true value of TIME is the way we use it and the moment we realize its existence, which is not a permanent status.

We usually do not remember the moment when we were born, but I am sure everyone remembers the value of the moment when someone else in the family was born and we were present. The same we remember when someone leaves forever and we have been there.

This time can not be expressed by money and no money will be able to get the life back to the body, which gave it away.

Think about it, before someone pushes you to waste your time

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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