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4 min readFeb 4, 2020

Back in 2010 when I started the first waste prevention project I was not aware of the fact it will change my life upside down, but it did.

From the senior manager to president, to HUMAN

Climbing the ladder to the top

Starting with single-use wooden pallets I did not expect a few years later there would be no limits to the waste prevention, but I reach this point.

NO matter if cars, planes, parts, packaging, food, materials, people, buildings, processes, energy, every single day I woke up and see the next potential in eliminating the next waste and wasting.

Since 2018 I am working on the project of utilizing the existing power grid and today, after the visit to my next international client I decided to make it open.



The idea behind is rather simple.

The majority of places in the world are being connected with the wires of the electric power grid. The wires fixed high on the poles deliver electricity across the countries, going through the countryside, delivering ”the blood” of the modern connected world.

The power grid companies care more or less of the powerlines, giving very special work to those, who dare.

The poles get new coat time to time and sometimes they get exchanged as well usually for bigger ones.

We have established highways which remains for every one invisible despite the fact we see them daily, or because of the fact, we see them daily.

It is the same what I see in factories — PROFESSIONAL BLINDNESS

What about to change it, break it to pieces and utilize the next existing ON-THE-GROUND-MINE?

GREEN DEAL of EU, so as many other initiatives talk about clean and electric mobility opening at the same time the question of the power supply to charge the vehicles, speaking about billions of investment needed to improve the power grid, but what about to use and utilize the power grid itself as base and platform for transportation?

Why nobody thought about before as people thought about personal transportation when the rail tracks have been established and build

Call me crazy, I am used too.

It is the first sign your mind starts to change

From wasteful to wasteless.

All of us know this

Many know this

Why not make this

I don´t say it would be easy, I say it would be possible. NO external power supply needed, it is available. No main construction needed, it is already there. Instead of hundreds of meters or a few kilometers, the existing power grid stretched for hundreds of thousands and millions of miles across the globe.

We made some calculations and estimates the cost for 1km of the PGR would cost less than the construction cost of 100 m of highway in the Czech Republic. At the same time, much less negative impact would be delivered to nature.

There is one more advantage. The PGR technology can reduce the losses (waste) on the powerlines, losses which are significant. Losses that the power grid operator and power station owner calculate in the OEE, which means they calculate with wasting as MUST from the process but do we really want to prove the evolution of nature and life was false?

If not why don´t we acknowledge nature does not waste?

Think about it

I hope you are excited to make your first POWER GRID RIDE. I am.

PGR TECHNOLOGY is the intellectual property of Michael Rada and was published on February 4th, 2020.



Michael Rada

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