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Just four months after the introduction of the idea of PGR “POWER GRID RIDE” I am going to introduce the next step, related to the same idea, idea for the secondary utilization of the existing power grid infrastructure.

Let summarize some basic facts

  • Almost every country in the world distribute electricity using the power grid
  • Majority of the power grid networks are “made” by wires and power towers
  • 100% of the network components are built for single-purpose only

In 2014 there were 5,5 million Ckm (Circuits Kilometers) in the world.

In 2014, the global electric power transmission network consisted of 5.5 million circuit kilometers (Ckm) of high-voltage transmission lines and had a capacity of 17 million megavolt amperes. In 2009, the total transmission line length was 4.6 million circuit kilometers. Between 2009 and 2014, it increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0%, and the majority of the capacity addition was in renewables.”

We have a global network, existing tool in which trillions have been invested to use is one and single way, to send electricity in one direction, from the power station to the plug.

It is one of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES

It is one of the tools that INDUSTRY 5.0 aim to utilize.

There is much more we can do, delivering additional function and not only one, but more of them.

PGR was just one of them and I am happy that first trials began already, but hope PGG will wake up the energy sector in a much larger scale, so what is PGG

PGG is the abbreviation to the POWER GRID GENERATORS, what does it mean?

Every metal made pole is a tall structure with a small footprint, open, build to carry the wires above the ground. It is built in a way so the wind can past through, without leaving damage.

This is why it is very well suitable for the placement of the vertical wind turbines or, even better for the vibration bladeless wind generators.

The first type was successfully commercialized several years ago and can be found mainly is a small scale installation. The second one is being successfully tested and would arrive on the global markets in a short time.

What was not done yet, even being on everyone's eyes is the test of combination or application in and with existing power grid poles and the trial to integrate the power generation not only at the beginning but on the grid itself to feed additional electric power into the grid. Instead of one power station, we will have millions of them (16,7 million in 2014). The industry calls them ELECTRICITY TOWERS and POLES and even the name TRANSMISSION STATIONS have been used, so why not to use them not just to transmit and carry the electricity, but to generate it as well.

As mentioned at the beginning, electric towers and poles are tall constructions with a small footprint, but just a few know that the tallest ones can be found in China and are up to 227,5 m heigh

This means these poles are twice as high as the highest pyramid in Egypt and almost seme heigh as the Eiffel tower in Paris.

But even the smaller ones or the standard ones can be great ground for wind collection standing in open fields and corridors, in a good distance, each can serve as a stand-alone power station for delivery power on-site, or feeding it to the net (grid).

Utilizing existing by combination into the non-existing way is one of the tools and ways I follow for a long time, almost all my life. I integrate this method in INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING in 2013 and it becomes part of INDUSTRY 5.0 back in 2015. It is part of 6R methodology and every single innovation, sustainability, or INDUSTRY 5.0 workshop.

I hope that the easy adoption without the need for significant investment or construction changes on the existing poles will speed up the installations and trials in the real power grid networks worldwide.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is existing since 2015

PGG is here to deliver the next change, and I hope the name of the founder so as the name of INDUSTRY 5.0 would be remembered and valuated. If anyone expects AI will deliver the same idea for free he or she would be disappointed and the answer is delivered by VALERIA SADOVYKH in her latest article.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and remember. THERE ARE MANY ON-THE-GROUND-MINES waiting for your hands and ideas.

Energy is needed

For further details the PGG project presentation available upon direct request



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