Michael Rada
2 min readSep 30, 2020

When I launched on September 11th, 2020 I did not expect the result. Or at least I did not expect 50%.


The second question was related to the readiness of the government to invest 1 USD/PERSON/YEAR in true change

In the first poll, 100% answers matched my expectation. I know I am being followed by people that we share the mindset and knowledge that not the words, but true action deliver the change.


For the second one, I was surprised that so many still trust their governments despite the long absence of true action and growing national debts caused by the wrong decisions, bribes, lack of personal responsibility of the decisionmakers, and more.

For how long would people trust WASTE COMPANIES and closely related organizations to clean up the world?

How long would people trust politicians that do all to be needed for the next term? What is trust based on?

  • It can not be the results, for none results delivered
  • It can not be the fulfillment of pre-election promises for they have not been fulfilled
  • It can not be Right, because frequently Wrong
  • But it can be fear

More and more politicians and governments base their own governance on fear. Fear of Black. Fear of White. Fear of Big. Fear of Small. Fear of pandemic. Fear of Migration. Fear of Poverty. Fear of God.

The human aspect of our lives seems to be lost in all the fearful events.

Once again I ask do we need those who spread the fear among us?

Do we really need politicians?

Can we live without the instructions delivered by the laws and regulations?

Can we be HUMAN BEINGS once again?

If we can tell NO CONFERENCES solve the climate, why can't we say the same about politicians and politics?

As I do write these words, I am alone at home. The speakers of my notebook play tones I recorded today in the afternoon, just before I started to repair my electric unicycle that broke during my morning ride picking the Mushrooms in the woods around my city.

Our white rabbit sits down and listens. She does every time when my flute sounds and tells a story like it did today.

Think deeply before placing your next vote



Michael Rada

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