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4 min readJul 10, 2021

Before you start reading today´s post, let me explain that I am not an Astronomer, I am not a Scientist, I am not an Academics. I am HUMAN.

Despite this disadvantage, I was able to make this discovery.

I found a planet that has 98% of water resources available on the planet's surface suitable to accommodate life.

I was surprised about the discovery probably the same as you.

It came unexpectedly during searching the Forrest for mushrooms. After few days of heavy rain, the forest was wet and smells beautiful. I was searching for edible mushrooms to pick them up in early summer day.

It was too much water coming in a too short time and the forest soil was not able to absorb all after humans set the rules, shape, and density of trees. The trails become water ways and through which the crystal cleer water streams.

Suddenly the horse rider with a dog came from another direction and we all stopped next to one deep puddle. First who enjoyed was the dog who took deep “dive” and splash. Second came the horse who come closer and start to drink from the same puddle the dog dived in just minute ago. Slowly he dunk deeply and after a while he start to play in the water same as the dog enjoying the treasure discovered together in one hot summer day.

It was the sign for me that finalize the image I got before, an image that has turned into a discovery that I am now talking to you about.

The planet I discovered contains enough water for all the water, expect of the salty one in oceans was clean and drinkable, just few hundered years ago.

The planet name is EARTH

It is probably the same planet on which you read this lines. It is the same planet on which I write them. It is the same planet on which you would wake up tumorrow before making a cup of tea or cofee.

It is the same planed which have enough water free for all until the people put price tag on it.

We have not put the price tag on the product that humans produced, but on the product that once was for free there for all and it works.

Money streamed in the same as the water from the drills that sourced deeper and deeper.

NESTLE is not alone

Bevarage industry is far away not the only one who benefit from the same price tag and it is not the biggest consumer

Even though it is contrary to all logic, the biggest recipients of money from water are the WATER MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY, which raises prices with a growing shortage, and perhaps that is why they are so often active in the second area, for which evil is good, with the WASTE INDUSTRY.


Treasure with Trash on one train

Both used water

One used it wisely conserving every single drop, the second needs on average 147.631 liters consumed, not counting the volume that gets wasted and represents multiple bigger quantities.


and have to ask


Michael Rada, HUMAN




Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0