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4 min readMay 31, 2021

On August 31, 2020, the POWER GRID GENERATOR “PGG” project was introduced to the public for the very first time after being refused by ENEL company.

The interest which the introduction woke up clearly indicates the potential not just on a local, but on a global scale. Not only the “simplicity” but the efficiency of a solution applicable to almost all locations of the planet was appreciated by many.

This is why the “rejection” was just the start of a journey towards the implementation and at the same time the extension of the available technologies which “FITS INSIDE” a power tower and there are many already.

The utilization of the ON-THE-GROUND MINES is helping not only to reduce the cost related to the implementation but to speed up the implementation process as well. Cost-effective increase of power generating units along the power grid compensates partly the losses which are being understood as a standard price for the distribution of power on a long distance.

In almost every country the electric towers count to the image of the country. In some countries including my own, large parts of forests are cut out to have “FREE SPACE” for the “FLOW OF POWER” and it is important to prevent more environmental damage to be done in the name of increased demand for electric power.

According to the information on the VORTEX BLADELESS company website

The volume of generated electricity is not small at all. For example, the Vortex Tacoma (2,75m) estimated rated power output is 100w once industrialized. So it is expected the increase in size will help to increase the power output as well.

The big advantage is the possibility of fast implementation on-site, without the need of changing the countryside and work of heavy-duty machinery.

The PGG project application can at the same time turn every electric tower with installed technology into the local charging station without negatively influencing the power grid itself.

Cars, Scooters, Bikes, Electric Unicycles, and other “movables” will have immediately better charging infrastructure, so as can the PGG installations in inhabited areas deliver electricity to households and businesses to cover their demand for electricity.

With PGG GLOBAL power distribution meets LOCAL so that the dependency on the big “power stations” can slowly be decreasing.

The last, but not least advantage is the low production, installation, and maintenance costs which again help to achieve a fast Return of Investment which would be of benefit to all involved parties.

To realize the project and benefit from all its aspects it is needed that not only the users but power industry players and governments participate in and support the systematic utilization of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES on a local, so as global scale. To do so, the next keynote was introduced and is being translated into more and more languages to deliver insight to people, businesses, and politicians all around the globe.

Here is the original English version published on April 20, 2021

Have a nice time free of waste and waste in all its forms, stay safe, and don't forget the existing resources in a form of ON-THE-GROUND-MINES are available to you as well, follow the 6R to find them and turn trouble into TREASURE.

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