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4 min readMay 26, 2021

You may ask why the image looks different, from the one presented in the first article published back in August 2020

Same as INDUSTRY 5.0 does the PGG project represents the EVOLUTION, the permanently changing environment, the FLOW, never-ending flow of changes thanks to which we EVOLVE so as the industry and business we realize.

What is no coincidence is that PGG is all about the flow

No matter what flows, if it flows it represents energy that frequently gets wasted without harnessing it for another purpose. Just yesterday social media delivered an image and a short report from India, where a new generation of wind turbine withstand the wind of the speed on 285 km/h and did, during the storm, powered the entire office building.

Instead of blaming the wind for damage, we use its short time existence and utilize it for good.

When we will do the same with LIGHTING, THUNDERSTORMS, FLOODS?

I can not answer this question but know, we will find the way sometime

But some time is too far for me this is why I do concentrate on items that are here and exists already, just not being used or utilized the way they can be, due to professional blindness or other interests of others.

The evolution of the PGG project represents the same idea in other peoples hands using the existing, but new vertical axes wind turbine produced by the ICEWIND company one product already hits the markets

And second will do the same soon, just in slightly different shape and higher capacity

The advantage of ICEWIND and vertical axes wind turbine, compared to the Bladeless solution is in STOCKABILITY of the wind turbines. This means that not just one power generation units are inside of the power tower, but two, three, and even more can be on the axes of the power tower scaling the power generation possibility.

In the POWER DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY not only generating and facing PROCESS WASTE in electricity transmission but a lot of URBAN WASTE is omnipresent in a form of “dead ground” bellow the wires. we talk about millions of square kilometers and miles which are kept “free of life”

The question is


Many complain that wind turbines need a lot of free space around but do so having in front of their eyes the LARGE WINDTURBINES sticking out of the ground or ocean to the height. I asked the engineers to visualize the rea space consumed and needed for the application of their turbines

The image change hugely comparing to the “Old and New”

To find out more we have discussed together with SVEIN, INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR in NORWAY the possibilities directly with STEPHEN the FOUNDER of ICEWIND USA the various applications and implementation possibilities in the INDUSTRY 5.0 ENVIRONMENT and I am sure the PGG project is just the beginning.

We see us in a talk connecting the USA, NORWAY, and CZECHIA, and please do understand that our thumb up means WE HAVE ONE HOME TO LIVE IN AND IT IS CALLED EARTH and we do all to recover its beauty in harmonized cooperation and systematic waste prevention.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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