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2 min readApr 5, 2020


During my military services, I spent part of my time in the military depot. Walking with my submachine gun in between two fences around the area, in every corner, there was a fixed military phone in a green box. After opening the following message pop-up


In the whole 18 months, I have not seen any enemy. It was invisible, which means frightening. I have my semi machine gun loaded, I can kill, but luckily never have to.

Today, riding in my protection semi-mask through the blossoms of the PANDEMIC SPRING, deep thought came to my mind. Why do we fear the COVID-19? Because we do not see it.

That's the point, we fear what we do not see

We fill the media and internet with big letters and numbers describing the damage the virus has done. We spend millions on establishing shelters and buying personal protection devices from the country of the virus origin, and not a single penny was spent on a trial to make the virus visible.

I am not biologist, virologist, scientist, I am just a simple man so I can not tell you how to do, but I can tell you that having the possibility to see the danger, everyone would be able to avoid the collision.

Just wonder why nobody thought about it

Maybe it sounds too crazy, like a lunatic idea and that's right, it is one but nobody proved that it can not work this way.

More than 7 billion people fear the invisible infection which killed already 61.846 people worldwide.

We fear what we do not see, this makes us people different from animals. Animals fear what they see, not like us.

Is the fear of invisible the price we are paying for our superiority, we declared in the environment and during the evolution of man and nature?

It does not matter which color we use, but red would be appropriate I think. It delivered a lot of evil before. I do not stop, where others turn away. It is for me the moment and place to start.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is helping us to do it all together.



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