INDUSTRIAL WASHING, an essential part of many industries including hospitality, health, and safety.

INDUSTRIAL WASHING, energy-consuming giants consume detergents in daily volumes that would cover whole cities for months, and the output is not only a clean towel but the high price paid to nature in dirty and polluted water, microplastics and much more.

The water consumption is significantly higher than anyone would be expecting.

If there only would be another way.


There is another way, developed and tested successfully in the Czech Republic back in 2007 to 2009. Several industrial washing facilities switched from regular way to OZONE SATURATED WATER and the results surprised not only the owners but clients and experts as well.

  • Significant energy reduction decrease, the washing is done with temperatures 30°C-45°C
  • Increased healthy safety of the washed products, 100% decontamination after just one washing (no other processes needed for decontamination)
  • No residues in clothing or on the machines
  • It does not require special water softening
  • Double the life cycle of washed products
  • Reduce the dust volumes during the washing process
  • It does not require a sewage treatment plant and undiluted sewage is in accordance with the respective sewer order
  • No harmful emissions are being produced and delivered to the environment
  • The organic compounds are 100% biologically degradable
  • Reduce the number of washing and cleaning process steps
  • Increase the washing process efficiency
  • 100% DISINFECTION granted
  • In line with health and hospital regulations (Czech Republic)

All the projects have been realized in close cooperation between the Czech inventor of the technology, producer of suitable biological detergent and owner of the technology and as mentioned above, results surprise not only the involved parties but experts as well.

The cleanliness was the same as the standard, but it was the only technology that can deliver 100% disinfection in one and only washing process.

The reason why I write and submit this post is simple. The coronavirus COVID-19 opens the need for forgotten existing technologies, which can help now and here with the stabilization of the situation preventing further spread of the virus on materials we use and touch in our daily lives.

If this technology interesting for you and you would like to have more data about and contact the produces, let me know please HERE IS MY E-MAIL

Have a nice day and stay safe

Michael Rada

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