Michael Rada
3 min readOct 27, 2020


One week ago, I have informed the audience of the preparation and setup of the new OTGM BANK. The response collected was very positive and the first companies requested information if and how they can participate and open their own accounts.

The very first step is the identification of their own potential

Unfortunately, until now, there was no tool and no service helping companies to identify the existence or no-existence of their own ON-THE-GROUND-MINES, not speaking about the estimation of its value.

This was the reason for the development and implementation of a new tool named OTGM AUDIT

Each company, client, and organization have the possibility to make the first step and order the AUDIT delivering in a short time answer to the basic question


OTGM AUDIT delivers a different view on the company operations and processes. Instead of concentrating on the end product or service, the OTGM visualize the value of wasting.

It is not the next WASTE audit, because it identifies the value of products and material before they are wasted.

OTGM AUDIT does not touch the physical production surplus but identifies all four categories PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, URBAN, and PROCESS waste.

It is a surprisingly efficient way to visualize all the “missing links”

These links are one of the reasons why companies struggle in expansion because many do adopt “fails” of the past in the future image of company development and make it to standard.

The most frequent findings relate to PHYSICAL, URBAN, and PROCESS waste prevention possibilities, but many struggle with SOCIAL waste and employee loyalty.

The OTGM AUDIT costs are frequently bellow 0,01% of the estimated savings/profit cost related to the systematic utilization of the On-The-Ground-Mines value, which makes them one of the best investments in companies history achieving the shortest ROI.

It depends only on the decision of the OTGM owner if he or she decides to utilize the newly discovered resources alone, or if she or he asks for support to establish operations from which the company will only collect profit share.

Do you know for example, that there exists? technology that can cut the quantity of purchased office paper in your offices to number close to zero?

Do you know that you can run your own warmerry instead of wasting your food and paying for food waste management?

Do you know that your factory can be fully disinfected within 30 minutes' time?

Do you know that your obsolete material and products can be traded systematically?

Do you know that the use and proper management of returnable packaging can reduce your packaging and transport costs up to 40%?

Do you know that the production surplus must not become waste?

Do you know expandable transport storage can save up to 60% of your space?

There are many possibilities and treasures hidden in the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES, but very few pay attention to them not being able to recognize them and apply solutions for identification and finding of utilization possibility.

OTGM AUDIT is the first step in a way to improved profitability and decreased vulnerability and negative impacts on the environment.

Everyone has to make this step, the only difference is that some will do it sooner than the others and I am sure they will utilize its advantage for further development.



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