Michael Rada
3 min readNov 4, 2020

For several years I am receiving regular newsletters from LME “LONDON METAL EXCHANGE”. The knowledge about the existence of LME helped me in a few projects related to systematic waste prevention in companies processing metals.

LME same as once the SHANGHAI PLASTIC EXCHANGE represents the global commodity trading platforms aiming at raw material, including the “new” raw material produced from waste

Both represented at their time value indicators which in fact does not only support the trade with the raw material but in fact, they are responsible for the bottlenecks in the supply chain of recycled materials. The reason for that was and for some commodities still, it is that the sellers, traders from the waste industry waited for the highest price to sell and din not streamline the flow.

This cause the “shortage” of raw material, resulting in a price increase

OTGM trading does not utilize shortage or fear from value drop as a sales tool, It works with online and on-time data across industries and locations. This means that the systematic utilization of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES will level and balance the OFFER and the NEEDS.

Thanks to the new approach the new economy based on INDUSTRY 5.0 principles will become stronger and stronger with every single realized project. Transparency would not be an issue but a benefit.

Instead of virtual value consisting of the right order of ones and zeroes, the new value can be seen by plain eyes, touched with bare hands, and sensed by other senses. Instead of imagination supported by virtual goggles, people will be able to grab the items and turn them in very unexpected results of their own creativity.

Bottles become irrigation system

Old busses become flats

Unused cruise ships become education centers and cities for thousands to live and work inside

Instead of paying for waste management, people would use the money saved for delivering new creations and nourish their home and planet

OTGM is not just a single-use tool which helps few to manipulate with many, it is the multitool for education, creativity, business, and life, delivering one again what was lost in a permanent hunt for more — THE MEANING OF LIFE

This message written on waste container indicates the way how the industry works, expecting people will fill the containers without any hesitations again and again so the waste industry face infinite growth

INDUSTRY 5.0 and systematic approach to OTGM deliver the change

Change in which everyone can decide how he or she will act

P.S. OTGM will influence LME, the question is if the owner will prepare, or just cry later.



Michael Rada

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